Rainbow Macarons and Friends

These past few days have been really rough for me so when my friends visited me, I was so happy! We got to see each other once just last April @_@ Everyone is busy so Saturday’s with friends are to be treasured.  😥

I may seem the always-happy or 100% positive girl (because of my love for rainbows? haha) but I also do get sad like any other person. And when I get sad, I really feel sad as if nobody cares about me (yup, I get so EMO over things) :”( :”( :”( But but but, a day with friends can really cheer up anyone!  :333:

Friends + food = :heart:

If you were a past a reader, you know these girls! 🙂

Language school friends <3

Dawa, Shouro and Sabrina  :star:

Thank you girls for coming over!  :star:


We reminisced our first days in class together, etc, etc. I luff my Chinese friends  :heart:

 We just watched music videos, slept and lazed around. PERFECT!  :yay:

They brought me some macarons and huhuhuhu it was my first time to taste LADUREE’s!!

They knew that I would love these so they bought it for me. THANK YOU ALL >:D<


How can I preserve this for.. FOREVER?? I CANNOT EAT ONE ;_; huhu

Then we had icecream nearby! I brought them to my favorite Ministop, hehehe~  :heart:

I MISSED THEM A LOT ;_; Domo arigatou tomodachis for today  :yay:

Because I just cleaned..

Here are the updated photos of my room! Stuff are popping out every single day : ))

Creative disorder! : )))

I really love my Rurouni poster <3 <3

My toy poodle hihihihi

Toys toys toys  :star:

Goodnight~ Oyasumi nasai! 😀

I will post and write more next time ^^v *yawns* I need to sleep now >_<


5 thoughts on “Rainbow Macarons and Friends

  1. you’re soooooooooooooooooooooo lucky to have friends like them :yay:
    in the future we’ll meet :yay:
    I promise that :yay:
    and yeah supah dupah loved your kawaii ota-room :loveheart:
    I want my room to be like that in the future :heart:

  2. I just LOVE how your room is full of memories and unique objects. I wonder if one day there wont be any room for.. like.. you. LOL

    Oh, a Laduree store opened up in São paulo and everyone went crazy about it. I never tasted their macarons, but must be flawless!! <3

    Loved the pictures, as usual. And those little moments with our friends are the best way to enjoy life, right? ^.~


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