Rainbowholic TV + Japanese Cooking With Aki?! + Fitness Updates

Hi everybody!

It has been such an eventful week for me even if 80% of the time.. I just stayed at home, lol!

At the start of the week, I gave myself a personal challenge to upload at least one video per day. Not sure which video I will be uploading later but I hope I do get to finish it! crosses fingers

Anyway, here are some snaps from some recent events. Nothing big or super special, just appreciating my surroundings and sharing random things on my blog.

I literally ran when I saw this adorable Tokyo Sakura Tram. It was just around 3 years ago I think when I discovered there were trams in Japan. Lol.

And of course, had to take a snap of this Matcha aulait from Yakult brand. I think that any Filipino who would come across this drink would find this interesting haha!

Spent around 3 hours to film this *part* of my channel trailer. I feel like it’s a final project just like a major subject back in my Advertising management student days lol

VIDEO: Japan Travel Guide + Design Festa Vol. 46 | Hobonichi With Me (ほぼ日手帳) ??

Also, currently building this part of my website: Japan Travel Guide

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Cardcaptor Sakura Drink Cooler From Ministop Japan + Bunny Stamps

VIDEO: My Simple Kawaii Makeup + Skincare + Hair Styling Routine ✩ 可愛いメイク ♡ 

VIDEO: Hobonichi With Me | Meet-up with Meg at Panda Town (Ueno, Tokyo) ? – ほぼ日手帳

PHOTOSHOP TUTORIAL: How to remove the background using the pen tool 

Kawaii panda photos from a meet-up with Meg of Planet Nihon 2 weeks back!

We chatted for many hours at this very cozy cafe which I highly recommend for people who love interiors.

I never thought in my life that I would gain a friend from Egypt & I’m just so happy how the internet connected us both because of our love for Japan! :”) Thank you again Meg for the wonderful time!

To those who are wondering where these cute desserts are from, it’s from a Ginza Cozy Corner branch in L’Ueno foodcourt (Ueno, Tokyo). The foodcourt has many stores that are selling panda-themed meals so if you love pandas and animals, I highly recommend this place!

Yesterday, Aki & I filmed a Japanese cooking video which will be released by September! Please do look forward to it ~

I also got free kanji lessons from his niece, Riria-chan! It was so adorable of her haha. She copied some kanji exercises from her own lesson sheets at school lol.

I came across these photos from Rainbowholic 2013 era while backreading some random posts. Planning to recreate my past looks years ago in a video! But before that, let me buy eyelashes and colored contact lenses, omg ~ :))

Fitness updates yay

To those who are wondering what kind of app I use for running, I use Nike Running to track my runs.



And to end this post, let me just plug the newest stamps from FRIXION that are now available at Rainbowholic Shop!

[ Kawaii Japanese Frixion Stamps ]

And that would be for today’s blog update ~

Have a wonderful week ahead, friends!

<3, カイラ

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