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Hi guys! Currently taking a break from JapanLover.me work. Might as well continue with my overdue blog updates! :O

Also, it’s already JULYYYYYY and huhuhu I’m not even halfway done with Kawaii Leaders project (sorry guys I keep on complaining about this one).. it’s just so hard to sort out all the photos! And it really feels like it all happened in my dreams.. seriously, sometimes I’d wonder if it really all happened. :))) Okay that’s just me~ hahaha!


ANYWAAAAAY.. For this blog entry, I’d like to reintroduce one of my friends from Manila!  :blush: She’s one of my teammates for Kawaii in Manila project.

Her name is Reese and she runs Reeseypeasy.com (fashion + art + music blog all at once!). I featured her before too! She’s an amazing girl & I think you’ll find a lot of inspiration from her blog, writings, designs, photography, personal style, and everything else. 🙂 Don’t blame me if you spend your day backreading all her posts! Haha~  :333:


Meeting Reese


Manila’s weather during that day was crazy. I remember panicking and texting Reese about what to do with our meet-up / mini shoot if the sudden downpour of rain wouldn’t stop…

Fortunately, it stopped when we began taking photos! 🙂

I was supposed to meet her in Tokyo but I had to fly to Manila ASAP with my brother because of my (then scumbag) gallbladder. :O I don’t know why but for some reason, even if all our planned meet-ups didn’t happen in the past (even last December 2012!!).. that day was just perfect to meet up haha.

Thank you Denice (Reese’s imouto) for taking these photos for us! 🙂



You guys should go over to her blog now and read the narration because my words are lame :))) And I’m kinda half-asleep typing all of these… :))


I admire a lot of things about Reese. Yes, I’m fangirling over a friend! :))

Even though she  achieved a lot during her university / post-graduate days (she won style awards, got featured a lot in magazines / newspapers, her music covers are awesome), she still remained humble just like how I got to know her when we were in Grade 4!

Andddd I really, really admire achievers who stay humble. I think it’s a rare trait nowadays ^^


Her pink gradient hair is the cutest. <3

We talked for so many hours about our JapanLove, highschool, etc, etc..

Though we rarely saw each other when we got into ~rival~ universities… for some reason, we still managed to stay in touch with each other’s activities.

Thank you social media. :)))


I hope someday we can be in Tokyo together and take lots of purikura / do some people-watching in Harajuku / etc etc

We need to brainstorm for our future Tokyo activities, Reese lololololol

Crazy girls



After our mini shoot outside, we took lots of polaroids! We just chilled inside their condo unit for the rest of the day.

Washi tapes, polaroids, and markers.


And Reese cleaning for us lolololol gambatte~ *kidding*

And then I started sharing to her about the Kawaii in Manila workshop idea my friends and I were working on.

And this happened a week later.


Pretty amazing, really.



4 thoughts on “Rainbowholic x Reeseypeasy

  1. :boo: Morning Kaila!

    Reese and you look so compatible together 😀 Very fun loving and quirky 😀

    I wish for the great success of Kawaii in Manila! Will be back in SG in Sept uhuhu ;_;

    With love,

  2. Pare-pareho na lang sinasabi ko sa inyo so tatahimik na lang ako HAHA joke :(((( MGA IDOLS KO YAN HUHU :heart:

    Super cute niyo 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 I’m so happy 🙁 🙁 🙁 🙁 and I love both of your outfits (ang cute ng top mo and ang cute ng rainbow suspenders ni Ate Reese huhuhuhu)

    KAWAII IN MANILA WILL BE THE DEATH OF ME joke pero hello, new J-pop(???) group hihihihi Can’t wait for September already wah :heart: :heart:

  3. aww what a super sweet friendship!! I too always have the greatest respect for those that stay humble 🙂 humble and cute is also a winning combo!


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