#RainbowholicStudio: Not A Dream Anymore.

Hi all,

Sorry for the lack of updates during the second half of the year. phew

I had to give my maximum effort to make this goal a reality before 2018 ends.

Rainbowholic Studio is no longer a dream but a real space where I can freely create content, hold workshops / meet-ups, and fulfill orders for rainbowholic-shop.com.

I used to do everything in this small Japanese apartment… ;_; I was so inspired to work extra hard so that I can finally spend a happier self-care time here in my apato (apartment) without seeing “work” everywhere (packing supplies / boxes), lol.

It wasn’t easy and it was such an “uncomfortable” journey for me to pursue as I juggle many jobs ( teacher / entrepreneur / stationery store / custom kawaii tokyo tour guide ) but I’m so glad everything has fallen into place. ;_;

I had to set aside a good amount of money every month to be able to afford the “heavy” first month of payments. My savings made it just in time, lol!

More feelings here.

If you haven’t watched my #ThankYouPatrons / patreon journey video, please do! ^^

(Note lol: Couch / other displays not mine. This was when we were checking apartment options (it took a month!!)

From this… (stamping postcards at a kombini with my bestfriend ) ….

to this.



I cannot believe I won’t feel frustrated about space anymore!!! ;___;

( The room above will be for content creation. )

This room will serve as my mini office / packing area for Rainbowholic Shop / patreon rewards! I have a new business venture with friends (Chichi / Kaye) & will reveal everything after setting up the studio for faster processing! ^^

The empty studio tour video will be up anytime this December and it’s going to be a youtube series (STUDIO VLOG – the kind of vlog that I wanna do regularly lol because #iloveworking). Still saving up for the furniture needed to make this a tidy / organized office space haha! Excited to go to IKEA / Nitori / Jumble Store / recycle shops tbh, lol.

More photos later. I haven’t been back there yet since the first day of renting will start this December 1st!

Join the rainbowholic patreon family & let’s dream together!

Thank you to my readers, subscribers, long-time supporters, patrons, for helping me to be where I am today. Everyday is still challenging as ever but I don’t feel so alone in this journey because I have so many cheerleaders backing me up whenever I’d feel that the world is testing me in many ways.

Starting a patreon and focusing my energy on it contributed a lot. I took 2 social media breaks this year and currently in one… it works!!

I’m super excited to share what kind of content & what projects I will be working on with #rainbowholicstudio.

Please look forward to the workshops that will be available during Spring season. I’ve hired 2 lovely people to work with me (to process / help me shoot + list new items / update my shop).

Wanna make workshops / events soon but I have to spice up the place first, haha! Please wait~!

Until the next update,


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