Random Life Updates + What To Do When You Feel Unmotivated

Hello everybody!

First of all, I was so surprised by the feedback I got about my last post (Kaila gives advice to a girl who is feeling hopeless). I’m very happy to know that some people found it useful / relatable as they are experiencing the same thing. *HUGS EVERYONE*

These past few weeks have been really crazy from my side. I have like a mountain of things to do but my body isn’t cooperating well. I feel more tired than the usual and I just feel like reading e-books because physically, that’s the only activity I feel I could do (for now haha. go eyes lolol). ;_; I downloaded this app called “scribd” and gave it a try… and I’ve been reading books / listening to audiobooks like crazy!! Here’s my testimonial on facebook hahahaha. <3


So I was feeling unattractive a few days ago… so I got my emergency make-up kit (haha) +flat iron to transform myself.

My mood became so much better haha. Though I also like myself with just moisturizer on, getting girly / dolled up does really make wonders!

And it’s always better when I wear my favorite gudetama top!! Hehe <3


After experiencing a so-so week of ups and downs.. I finally got to write down what I did to keep myself sane with all my responsibilities / overflowing tasks. Still, I’m thankful for everything!


Random Realizations

(My brain is too scattered right now to stitch all different topics into one cohesive essay lololol thank you bullets)

  • 2 weeks ago, I don’t know what kind of rock I’ve been living under.. but I discovered how entertaining Lilly Singh is (of iisuperwomanii on youtube). I recommend watching her videos while munching on popcorn in your favorite pajamas. Though prepare drinks as well, because you might choke while laughing haha. I warned you!!
  • I just discovered @atecharon on instagram (a Filipino student-comedian who makes funny jokes / quick videos in Tagalog) and I still couldn’t stop laughing ;__; OMG
  • What I’ve discovered and observed about myself is that I have to keep a list of things to do / suggestions for myself (lol) during times I feel *blah*. The more I get to know what irks / demotivates me, I can get myself out there faster (rather than develop the self-made ill feelings inside haha).
  • As a girl who undergoes extreme mood swings every month (from the most confident to a person who’d rather sleep all day with “brb world attitude ahaha” lol), I had to find a way to “cheat” myself / my hormones. One of the best app discoveries I’ve ever had (thanks to my dear friend ASHLEY!) is “Hscope”. Before, I used to blame myself more when I’d become moody but after getting to know more about this girly cycle, I’ve found ways / personal solutions on how to cope with my moodiness. So there hehe.
  • Appreciating others / the littlest things has improved my life in so many ways. It’s not about fake modesty or what… it’s actually about being honest and expressive about your gratefulness. I know how it feels to be appreciated and to be “thanked for” (and about the small things that really matter in life) especially when you’re having a not-so-good day (suddenly, you feel happier because of the unexpected gratitude). I believe that this world needs more positivity with all the negative vibes around us and creating a positive moment by being thankful for other’s hard work / little things.. this actually has a double positive effect. The other person’s and… yours. <3
  • Smiling with my teeth (+ smiling with my eyes too haha) even if I feel like not smiling at all naturally makes me want to “smile like I mean it”. Try this trick for the whole week and observe how it changes the way you think. ^^


Before I end this entry, let me just share this POCKY x snoopy (nutcream flavor) that I discovered from the kombini. Also, if you have time to spare, Mica of Marotesque Diaries interviewed me on her blog. You can read the Q&A here! (Thank you Micaaa for this! <3 )


 How about you? What do you do to cheer yourself up?

If you have youtube channels / books / blogs you want to recommend, feel free to leave a comment below! I wanna check those out!



5 thoughts on “Random Life Updates + What To Do When You Feel Unmotivated

  1. I actually do what you usually do when I feel down, Miss Kaila. I like Lilly too especially the menstruation jokes, oops! LOL. Try Ryan Higa / nigahiga and Happyslip too, both are so funny and a stress reliever (for me. Hahaha) I also watched DIY and tutorials and read blog like yours. (Nagkakaroon ako ng drive na-ipagpatuloy ang blog ko kahit walang pumapansin. LOLOL. Hahaha!)

    I will read all the books you suggested in your facebook! Thank you for this post!

    PS: I love your gudetama top and your hair is perfect. Haha!
    Lots of love, http://viannathegreatwhatever.blogspot.com/

  2. Thanks for this lovely post <3 I mostly watch youtubers they make me really happy and it's nice
    that their videos can make people happy in the other side of the screen <3
    I suggest you to watch Danisnotonfire & AmazingPhil (they are best friends)
    i don't know their experiences just makes me laugh :))

  3. My favs youtube channels are Bubz and Ingrid Nilsen <3
    I like some brazilian blogs: Dias de Chá and Midori Sakura. ~*

    They give me inspiration 🙂

  4. I agree with your list! I also recommend a shower / bath and some sort of skin care, like lotion, a face mask, or stuff like painting your nails! It’s a nice little luxury.

  5. I like Lilly singh too ^-^ Especially her videos of how parents react to different things and also her version of Priyanka chopra’s exotic song hahahahaha ^₩^ and Bubzbeauty ♡
    I watch tv … or videos. .. that are simple cute and animated ♡ like doraemon ^-^


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