Room Makeover for November!

A VERY cold morning and a back pain: reasons why I didn’t go out today.

I was planning to go to the 34th Design Festa in Odaiba, Tokyo but I woke up feeling TIRED. I know that I wouldn’t enjoy it so I just stayed home and continued my room makeover from last night.. and I guess I made the right decision! /pats herself


My stuff were so crazy @___@ It’s hard to squeeze in all your clothes / coats into a rack and a cabinet! Japan and small rooms! Huhuhu  :tsk:

My Juki sewing machine also arrived yesterday night so I was obligated to fix my room and make “room” for it. After hours and hours with multiple breaks, I proudly present my mini Kaila world here in Nippon!

Here’s what my room looked like before.. with less stuff haha

Blythe, camera, heart sunnies, aeroplanes, a map…

Juki-chan, my sewing machine (because its from Juki! hahaha). I’m so lame /sigh

Someday I’m gonna travel the world with a camera on one hand.. and .. : )

I’m a sucker for keychains hahaha, I didn’t bring out the Disneyland keychains because I’m afraid if those get rust or whatever @_@

Me in my jammies

Cute room boots to warm my feet! <3 and my explorer backpack  :heart:

I also cleaned my mac and deleted lots of stuff from the desktop! And this is my workplace : )

Quite a mac person haha

100-yen organizer <3

Parents’ gift that I will forever treasure. I’m not from a rich family and getting a present like this Jeremy Scott x Swatch.. ;__;

This means a lot to me.  :heart:

Stuff I collected over the years..

And I made this heels for display purposes only. It’s so scary to walk in these!!

Clips from Disneysea! So expensive huhu

I love colorful tapes ~

Must start reading this book : )

I collect chocolates’ packaging boxes from Japan + perfume boxes <3 It’s a weird hobby hehe

My Melody earmuffs for winter : )

Foxy fur~

For display only hahaha.. When spring comes and my feet aren’t cold, I will wear this pair.

Bought a chew toy for dogs as my pin cushion : )) It’s the cheapest I could get! 100 YEN! 😀

My company~

I love vintage maps


and the mustard color.



9 thoughts on “Room Makeover for November!

  1. Ahh!! The rainbow bag is familiar… I think I saw that in one of your deviant art photos before but it was white.. *___*

    OMG YOUR TABLET. And lol I remember your “gay wacom tablet” =))))

    Your room’s small but I love your things.. OwO Though you have a small room it’s filled with a lot of interesting things~ ^^

    And omg the yellow dress for Kumiko looks so cuuuute~ :heart:

    Ahhhhhh I love your bags. ;____; And your stuff. LAHAT NA ATE LAHAT NA TALAGA HUHU :heart:

    Omg and daldal ko na =)))) Anyways I shall stop now (and ohhh My Melody bag and ear muffs aww~)

    And one more thing, I was supposed to buy the same heart with wings necklace so I could add it to my “letter/small gifts” to you sa December but hayy meron ka na pala =))))) Ohwells~~~

  2. Upon seeing your Juki.. I miss our Singer back home.. I like sewing too pero now Im far from home super hand lahat hahaha nakakangalay but rewarding. Meron akong nakitang sewing”stapler” sa DV it looks like stapler pero it does the basic stich ng sewing machine hahah.. binabalak ko bilhin pero di ko na ulit nakita un hahaha.

  3. Wow! I like your room! And your stuff are so cute! This makes me miss Japan so much :tss: I wish I could live a pretty life like you lol .___. OH I LIKE YOUR CURTAINS 8D

  4. Woww!
    Many cameras have you had in total!? * o * ♥ Make a post about that!! X3 ♥
    And your curtains!!! ♥
    I really love your room with all thats cute things!! ^^♥


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