Second Half

I’m so happy that it’s weekeend again! When I got back here on Monday, I forgot that I was going to take the test the next day! I crammed memorizing all those kanji phrases and characters! Actually, the big test wasn’t that hard.. If only I had more time to study and review, I would have gotten better grades. I was not able to study in the Philippines (which was my original intention) because I was busy meeting people, doing errands for my brother, enjoying everyone’s company (because I might not be back in the near future).. and I got sick because of the “flu epidemic” in our household that time. Nonetheless, Tomoko sensei told me that my results were average and I don’t need summer classes! The second part of the test was about grammar, and I did better. After the test, I rewarded myself with an onsen / hotspring session that I have been craving for since I got back.


And back to my vacation flashback..

As usual, Carlo fetched me from our house. I did not incur any transportation cost during my stay!

And I dozed off…

After the long ceremony / waking up…

The iconic building of La Salle – Yuchengco building.

An attempt..

My adver blockmates from 2007! Tin, Jenna, Trisha, and Patrick (my thesismate)

I was hit by that @_@ #truestory

Yes, another jump attempt..

Thanks Vic Sison for the photos!

Photobombed by Patrick

Photo by Carlo <3

The new Ad Create tambayan / hang-out place! “Yuch Cave”

With my orgmates (I’m so proud of you guys! AdCreate has gone a long way!)

Renz, Josh, Carlo, Vic and Gai (the only activities committee represent)


So very happy~

It was still sunny here.. it rained a lot in the afternoon and the coming days.

So happpyyyy. With Rich, Carlo, Gai, Ninya, Josh and Renz! I love AdCreate!

With Charie and Gracie <3

Kristelle, KatCo and Carla


Fish eyeee <3

Adver girls + shiftees <3

With Jan, Renz, and birthday girl Jella


I got sick later that day! It was ironic because I had shots before going here to Japan because it’s expensive to get sick here. Then.. a storm hit the Philippines on the next day! A lot of my plans didn’t happen because there were a lot of unexpected circumstances.. storm + bad flu = unproductive me : (

Actually, Carlo and I planned to have dinner in a hotel restaurant (I think) because her mom gave him free buffet tickets. So sad that I just had to get sick during our monthsary.. I couldn’t even make it until 9PM in our graduation practice. At around 7pm, I called him that I felt so bad and I wanted to go home. It was touching when I saw him hurrying back to our meeting place. :”)

So he dropped me off at my house.. I even refused to go out from his car because I was so sleepy (and lazy because I didn’t want to stand up and gather my things).. I feel so lucky to have a boyfriend like him who’s so caring even with my bratinella antics. After he got all of my things and I finally went out from his car, he left a short letter on top of a table in my room. Huhu


And so.. the real graduation has come!

It was raining so hard in the morning and the big Talisay tree in front of our house almost looked like it was going to be chopped off @_@

Got there early, at around 7AM (because we were asked to be there at that time.. crazy). Had lots of photos taken with my co-advertising management classmates and friends. Photos were taken using my mom’s camera.. and I don’t have copies of it so.. below are my post-graduation photos~

Didn’t eat anything for breakfast and I was craving for UCC’s spicy something shrimp pasta…

This is my favorite! Where is UCC in Japan?? :O

Kept it simple : ) Dress from a cute store (bought in Japan)

Electric blue Melissa shoes <3

With my #1 nanny / yaya / nanay + cousin who’s like a little brother to me : )

Also on that same day, was my orgmate / college junior’s 18th birthday. HBD Jella!


Paco Park

On our last day / my last day in the Philippines, I accompanied Carlo for his photography assignment in ADRAPHO. Didn’t have internet and couldn’t focus on Nihongo so had to spend the day wisely..

There were birds all over the place!

Bokehs <3


And I’m back.

Fixed my room and transferred my iMac here because my brother built a studio in the area where the iMac was before.

So little space… and it’s summer!

At least it’s not humid and it doesn’t feel sticky… unlike in my room in the Philippines @_@

Free Harajuku Lovers lunchbox! Bought two duty-free perfumes while waiting for my flight :”)

My small collection. Will collect the rest when I get money! Got my first one in Macau.. my trip with mommy! <3

My favorite watch :”) Gift from Carlo and Auntie Grace : )

Lora gave me another wing present! I remember tagging her on a photo of a pair of winged earrings last december (on Facebook).. and true enough, she really bought me the exact pair!

Lora <3

Such a sweet friend! Another one from Lora. I miss you :”)

Short letters from my junaks (gay lingo for “children”) and friends <3 I love you ADCREATE / DLSU FRIENDS!

Cutie bow gift from Carlalalalavet <3

Last night, I saw this huge ass camera bag @_@ The mother of my mini camera bag!

On our last night together, he surprised me again with a gift + a letter + pair of cute earrings!

I’ve been bugging him since forever about a DLSU jacket… and then it came to a point when I asked for his jacket instead (when he mentioned he has one) because the school’s bookstore ran out of DLSU jackets. I gave up on the idea of possessing one.. and then he surprised me again. He and his surprises = ;____; HAAAYAYAYAY


And last but not the least, I would just like to mention my sincerest thanks to my Mom, Dad and Kuya Eric. I would have not graduated from a private university like DLSU without thei hard work and support! My college life has the fondest memories which I will treasure forever. <3


This post is far too long already and I need to work on our websites again.. and I must end it now 8D



I’ll be attending an international friendship something camp here (with my schoolmates).. and I’m super hyped about it! Also, I’m planning to have another giveaway. I don’t know if I should pick Big Bang / Shinee / Suju / etc.. If you have some suggestions, feel free to comment! : )

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  1. Congratulations, ate~! 😀 Oooohh Harajuku. *___* And the necklace you wore during your graduation looks so cute~ :heart:

    And, how about SHINee? @w@ (Just a suggestion, though. Heehee~)

  2. Omg, you looked so pretty in each photo! The gifts you got were lovely! Congratulations on graduating :yay: Can’t wait for your next entry!

  3. Oh wow! 🙂 Congratulations on your graduation, Kaila! :heart: I can’t wait to graduate college myself, though I’m only on my first year.

  4. Omg!! I heart your website talaga!! Love everything and Harajuku thingy!! ;_; Congratulations btw! :heart: :heart:


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