Second of December Randomness in Japan

Just a mash-up of random photos from my phone for the second week of December. It’s been so crazy cold lately! I just can’t go out the house without wearing any “heattech” from Uniqlo, tights + warm fuzzy socks, a trench coat, and a pair of gloves! Sometimes my “portable” heater is my only way to make my fingers feel “real” because the 5-8 degree weather just makes me feel as if I don’t have hands at all.  😥


One of my favorite setups for the past week! I had my period (and announcing it to the world) so I had to wear something loose and warm.

Sequined Miss Bunny Pouch from my brother’s girlfriend, Ate Claire. <3

If you like my fashion style, go here.

Shipments for the week for Rainbowholic Shop  :heart:

I woke up quite late and while I was walking under the rain (it was raining in such weather!).. It was snowing as well! It was my first time to witness snow and rain..  :yay:

Watched this show with my close friends in BIL, Dawa and Shouro.

Such an awesome play of FASHION x DANCE x ORCHESTRA combined! It was so amazing! Bunka Fashion College students’ costume designs were so detailed and quirky!

Too bad I couldn’t take photos >_<

Bought a set of travel stickers with a cute vintage travel suitcase box <3

I can’t wait to stick these awesome stuff on my cottoncandy blue travel suitcase! 9 days to go before I go on my solo December Adventure..

in a secret place. : ) I wonder who could guess this..

Not in Japan, not in the Philippines : D

I was seriously craving for Royal Host’s pancakes, so I made my own with Nutella as a maple syrup substitute! Ahh.. calories!

And this was my Lazy sunday with Kero and my bed, haha~

Found these cute kitties in Loft (the most awesome variety shop in Japan!). These cats remind me of Carlo hahaha

Christmas Spirit in Japan is too surreal, just like the Halloween season! Everyone’s into spending Christmas-related stuff!

People just don’t mind spending a lot  of money on other people, ne?

Still Autumn in December…~

And i wore my Suica skirt to school again today. I love this skirt so much.. such a good investment! <3

And that’s all for now,



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  1. Punta ka Korea teh? ahaha — merry christmas kaila 🙂
    Snowing na sa site mo…

    aaaaaaaa i’m so late na time to backread


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