Seoul Trip: Petite France + Nami Island + Kakao Friends Store ??

Hi everybody!

After 3 hours of editing, compiling, and arranging everything.. I’ve finally arrived the last step of blogging!

The actual blogging, of course! Lololol ~

Here’s the final installment of my Seoul trip series with Aki! You can check related posts here. ^^

All grown-ups were once children… but only few of them remember it.
― Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince

During our 3rd day in Seoul, we decided to take a day trip to Petite France & Nami Island.

I’m a huge fan of Little Prince (like my friend Ashley!) & I remember seeing some clips of this beautiful place from a Korean Drama called “My Love from the Star“. Being able to visit this colorful pastel wonderland with Aki was truly memorable for me.

Before entering Petite France, we first ate lunch at the kombini located in front of it. I absolutely love people-watching while eating with this person lol.

And the non-stop “Take picture of me please~” requests started at this point lololol

Thank you stranger for helping us achieve my kdrama dream :))

Pabebe forever lewk

I also observed that Korean couples are so prepared! They even brought tripods with them waaaao.

I think he told something funny lol

I’m Seoul Happy With You

We are crazy couple :))

To those who are curious because I always get this question..

Aki and I speak in English to each other. My Japanese is still rusty as ever huhuhu. If I’m not lazy, I do attempt to converse with him in Nihongo. Happens 10% of the time, lol!

I want to communicate more openly with his family so I will do my best to practice Japanese ~

VIDEO: Korea Trip 2017 (韓国旅行) ??

Haggard face game strong

To be able to share my own version of happiness with his own version of happy is really one of the best things in the world.

When I first met and got to know you, I was a bit scared so I still kept my guard.. and just played along by still showing the 100% me. I thought that time that if you didn’t like / appreciate me for my quirks and weird antics as we got to know more each other, then it wouldn’t be worth it then. 

I remember when I didn’t even feel a bit shy with you when I kept on screaming while we were playing a car racing game (both so competitive lol) during our first date at some local game center here in Saitama. And you told me after that.. it was when you realized you already liked me?? What a funny reason, haha! I’ve always thought that I’d might be too crazy for some people but wowww you loved that about me… and I really appreciate that. I appreciate your equally crazy self as well, hihi

Also, it was so cute because you seemed a little out of place that time.

A Tokyo city boy walking with a local Filipina obaachan / girl in the streets of Saitama lol.

I honestly never thought I would ever end up with a Japanese boyfriend… but I guess life just really sometimes surprises you when it knows your heart is already ready.

“Us” really caught me off-guard… but I love this type of spontaneity.


We both have different cultures and worlds and it’s been so fun to share what we both have.

For agreeing to take silly photos such as these..

Sankyu, ne~

(thank you ^^)

During weekdays, you look like a very serious corporate guy in suit but when we’re together, you do stuff like this lol

Thanks for supporting my stamp-collecting adventures. I hope we can finish Yamanote Line stamp series soon too :))

Hobonichi With Me | Korea Trip 2017 + Stationery Haul ?

Thanks for waiting for me while I always get my journaling session fix! 🙂

You don’t know how much of a relief it is to know that you also appreciate my culture. Kawaii culture. Haha!

( Lol nice fit )

I’m sorry I had to request from you to take a picture of me and Lee Joonki lol

You’re so creative and talented, you should draw more ^^

I love Popotan, your original character ~

If you look closely, you will realize that this purikura photo was indeed taken during a first date LOL


I can’t wait to travel Japan and around the world with you ~

I can still remember how far we ran just to chase the sunset at Han River. It was so tiring yet so thrilling!

What a moment to remember.. ?




With love, カイラ

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