Singapore Kawaii Adventure: Marina Bay Sands + SG Flyer + Satay

Finally got to back-up my photos from my “Singapore Kawaii Adventure” last January!

Let’s continue, shall we?  :star:

Hello, kawaii be@rbrick!  :star:

Since my hostel was just around Chinatown, I had lots of time to take photos of the colorful neighborhood!

Fresh fruits  :heart:

Ahh.. kopi  :star:

Someday when I become rich, I’ll have my vacation there. Haha!

What I love Singapore: trees / gardens!

I really love nature / walking around so… plus points for my love for SG!  :333:

I kinda miss my SG trip now. ;__;

Colorful preparations for CNY!

I really enjoyed taking photos!


Kawaii character spotted, haha!

Usually, these rides are for couples.. but I bravely went alone. And enjoyed it! Haha!

I support anything that has to do with dreams / dreaming. :))

Super excited!

Amazing view from the top!

I grabbed a map and used it as a mat so I could enjoy the entire ride (since all of the seats were taken).

Someday, I’ll enjoy this ride with someone special. Haha! *dreamy*

For now, I’m enjoying things like this while having the “time of my life” experience. <3


Actually, I was not really hungry.. but I just had to eat again for the nth time! So little time, so many delicious food to eat!

Ahhhhh what a beautiful camera <3


Sugarcane goodness!

Honestly, I lost again on my way back.. :)))

Luckily, even though I was about to cry because my feet were killing me.. I found a way :))

On my way back..

Still pondering whether all of those things happened. I traveled so much in a day!! (back-read my SG posts and you’ll know)

I hoped you enjoyed the photos I took as much as I enjoyed capturing these! <3


5 thoughts on “Singapore Kawaii Adventure: Marina Bay Sands + SG Flyer + Satay

  1. :heart: :heart: :heart:

    Yep Singaporeans are very proud of their food culture XD You covered a lot of ground in one day!!


  2. hello kaila :yehey:

    my name is karla am from Peru :yay: … actually I’m not very good with English :sob: but I’ll tell you you’re a very pretty girl :cute: , thank you for uploading such beautiful pictures and videos either from your travel adventures with friends, etc. wish you luck :star: … and all your dreams and goals come true :hihihi:


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