Slouc Cafe, Village Vanguard & Yuzawaya Saturday

I woke up and found out that it was raining. I love rain but during my days when I have to do something productive, I hate it. It always doubles my feeling of tiredness! :”(

I was supposed to go and support Kuma Miki‘s first fashion show for her brand, Party Baby and I wanted to see my friends from Tokyo Fashion… buttttt I had to listen to my tired body / brain so I just went home after my unwinding in Parco.

Here’s how I unwind during my stressful *Nihongo no Benkyou Dake* days (Japanese study only <– such a rough translation)..

I love Slouc Cafe. This place calms me and has the power to make me study with all the other highschool students studying around me as well.

Have to remember how to write & read 400+ kanji characters..

I usually order an Iced Cafe Latte. I tried out Bluebery and Soy Milk Shake! YUMMMMMMYYYY & HEALTHY!!

Pistacchio Cupcake! The yummiest cupcake I’ve ever tasted next to Notting Hill’s Vanila cupcake!

Oh god, I wanna go back again >__<

Yuzawaya: A haven for DIY!

I also make a visit here whenever I go to Parco. There are just too many stuff I want to do! This place really spices up my creativity.

DIY cuppycakes and donuts.. so cute!

I will buy you some other time, my future DIY kaleidoscope!

Also saving up for this.*SIGH* I have too many crafts in mind >__<

Village Vanguard: Exciting Bookstore!

I need one near my workplace. This is a cute room piece!


That’s a chair.


Added on my wish list!

Rilakkuma’s corner in Loft

Why you expensive for a sticker sheet >__<


Oishii Maki Rolls~

While on my way home, I saw from the shop’s window that a roll was only Y280! I was so surprised so I bought one for myself.

The most delicious and healthy thing in this world…

authentic KANIII (crab)! Super yummyyy!

I made my breakfast this morning. Onion + Vegetable Juice Omelette, Tomato Juice, and an Orange! Of course, a Hiphop Abs course for my home work out!  :heart:


I got really hungry after typing all these, I should make you feel awkward with my sexy winks then,


P.S. I can’t wink to save my life.

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    Japan (and Ate Kaila), wait for meeeeee~ ;____________;

    Oh and aww so cute GIFs ;u; :heart:


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