Spending Christmas and New Year in Manila

Konbanwa~  :happy:

I’m so happy that (finally) I get to blog about my Philippine vacation during the holidays~! Even though my airplane rides were quite inconvenient, my vacation was well-spent with my family and friends.

I don’t regret buying (a somewhat) overpriced ticket for all the memories I’ve made during my last days of 2012. :”) Thank you to my mom who sponsored it with me ;_;

If you are a reader from 3 months or before, you’d know that the last few months had been quite a tough time for me. Coming home was such a prize …!!!  Home-cooked meals, lazy days in my pajamas, going to mass with the family, reconnecting with friends.. life couldn’t get better during that time. 🙂 It was something I really looked forward ever since life happened.


This is going to be really photo heavy. Heavier than the usual because this doesn’t only contain the usual kawaii spam, but a bit of more of my personal life I wish to share. Hehe 😛


Home Sweet Home


I had a stopover at Hongkong and because of the baggage limit (this is why I don’t recommend Cathay Pacific anymore.. they are SO strict with the baggage! Had to shell out a lot of money for my boxes huhu)..

Also, I carried those two big boxes you see.. because I had to save up for the weight. It really felt like I was an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker) coming home with “Balikbayan” boxes. Maybe I am actually one right now, haha~ still in denial though.. I feel like a tourist in Japan, not a worker.  :what:

At least they served me delicious food! I booked my flight via expedia and had to select my food choices~ yay for Low Fat food!

Ever since my (life-changing) airplane ride from Amsterdam last year because of a mild gallbladder attack, I always have to think of what I eat….

Veggies, fruits, wheat bread.. this is healthy heaven for me hehe.

While on HK international airport, my Rilakkuma radar was on and saw these *_*

After a long flight and experience Christmas jungle in NAIA terminal, finally had dinner with my parents! <3

BANGUS i missed you huhuhuhu

Our home with our big Talisay tree. <3

Rainbows welcomed rainbowholic me! 😀


Our simple home with my mom’s favorite color combination, orange and green <3

During my first night, I accidentally found this old Moleskine of mine way back in my college days.

This was from year 2009 (I think) *_*

Writing your dreams does help a lot to keep yourself focused. I can’t believe this post of mine on facebook also inspired this girl to write hers… ;_;


When Rainbowholic wasn’t totally realized yet..

it just existed in my dreams hehe ^^

First ever shot that I could say “artistically” framed haha 😀


This lovely poem my friend Charley made for me during my debut ;_;


University life, how I miss those days~


Boracay, I will come back <3




Best days of my life: college <3

Macau trip with my Mom :”)

Nostalgia rush makes me teary-eyed huhuhu

Pocky / Pretz (and fake Pocky) Lucky surprised me while grocery shopping! *_*

Oh how I missed these snacks!! Yan yan, Stik-O, Jolly.. Dewberry and SUPER THIN *_*

Apparently, we already have a cat! His name is Jon Snow (??) :))))

Got this pair of toe-toe-ro (I love my readers’ punny humor lol) house slippers for myself <3


Received these lovely drawings from Raine ~ ^^v

Finally used one of my Jus 4 Kicks sneaker blings~ ^^v This was my official vacation pair of shoes in the Philippines haha~


Left: Old reminder notebook

Right: Domo-kun coin purse~

PUTO AND KUTCHINTA omg I missed these ;_; Filipino snacks why can’t you be everywhere in Japan >_<


Afternoon picnic with my “sisters” + Dinner date with Anne <3

Visiting U.P. Diliman and being welcomed by these huge trees <3

While waiting for Tracy nee-chan, I had a karioka for a snack! ^^v Super cheap and yummy!!!!

~all by myselfffff……~

You could say I got bored :))

At UP Sunken Garden~

Then they brought Cello’s doughnuts for our mini picnic  :33:

Thank you Dizon sisters + Atreyu for spending this afternoon with me <3

Who will get the last doughnut?? :)))

We were playing this funny jellybean game Atreyu was so into! 😀



How picnics should be:

Kawaii blanket, polaroids, conversations, sunny & windy weather.. and just plain fun  :blush:


Thank you Tracy Nee-chan  :blush:

Atreyu surprised me with his special trick omg :)))))

Our OOTD haha <3

Got the Kitty-chan bows for Rainbowholic Shop!  I’ll be having one for giveaway and 2 for sale here!

Rodic’s tapsilog omg *_*


Since I was also on my way for SM North to meet a friend, we went around the “Kitty Town” (?) for a while 😀

Then I got this really sweet card from them  😥

Thank you Tracy sempai, Liley, Theia and Atreyu!!


Then I had a dinner date with one of my pre-Rainbowholic online friends, Annekate!! <3

It was our first time to meet up but it felt like we have been friends for so long. Thanks for having a dinner date with me, Anne! 🙂


Left: Fail “arigatoh” moment @ Tokyo Cafe, SM North

Right: Our super cheap dessert courtesy of Thumbs Up haha~

Why I miss Philippines: YUMMY AND cheap food!!

We bought 2 pairs of shoes for only 400 pesos / 800 yen!! Gotta love department stores *_*


De La Salle + Bizu Macarons + Thursdates <3

Revisited my university that brought so much memories.. huhu I can’t believe so many things have changed!!


How time flies and I’m already taking a “tourist” photo with the new building ;_;

Basically my life during university. This is where I was challenged in so many ways :”) I gained so many experiences from being a leader here ;_;

The view where I’d usually sit on while waiting for my next classes.

To those who are in college right now.. please enjoy those days! Do not just study, you have to also enjoyyyy because once you’re out of school and you have to work for your own already, you’ll miss the allowance from parents (lol, just had to include this) + company of friends!!!! :”)

And don’t just stick with the same people from 1st – 4th/5th year, meet more and more people, learn how to become independent and don’t be a freeloader / pain in the a** to your groupmates. Haha 😀




And then I bumped into Ninya, Rolly, Vic and Tricie! *_* We had a quick lunch and had delicious Bagoong rice .. huhu I missed it so much ;_;

After my short and sweet visit at La Salle, I went to Greenbelt and met up with my other college friends (they’re one batch lower than me but we get along so well!!) :3

Carla made us try the biggest macaron I’ve seen so far *_*


Icecream Macaron, anyone?


Thank you Carla and Romina for the Macaron date!!

So we tried slicing it up… :))

After that, we bought lots of food and stayed at Katrina’s house while we waited for the others. Can’t believe almost everyone is “working” already.

We used to be students just waiting for each other every after class just to have dinner together or something huhuhuhuhu

My friend Kat loves piggies. This is just half of her collection :)))


Friends and polaroids <3


Lol @ myself (left photo hahaha)

Until the next “postcard” session! :”)


Spontaneous day with Gracie + Wakeboarding with the guys

Nothing beats spending a whole day with one of your closest friends! 😀

Meet Gracie, my college buddy who really “pulled” me up when I was in college. She’s younger than me (I think she graduated when she was 19??) and she’s so smart haha 😀

Who would thought that a (seemingly quiet) shy Chinese girl would be friends with a crazy person like me hahaha 😛


We had lots of stuff that we talked about and I could say that even if years pass by, we’ll still click together! Our friendship proves that even if two people have different likes, they can still get a long pretty well. Heehee 😀


Just saw this random outdoor placement (advertising roots are showing haha) and I thought it was pretty creative. A man / bench made out of old cell phones *_*

Yummy yoghurt from Red Mango~

And then while we were at the bookstore, I spotted this super kawaii planner by my twin from another mommy, Little Miss Paintbrush!! (almost typed Little Twin Paintbrush hahah)


My favorite!! <3


And LOL :))


The perfect Christmas gifts! :))


And then on a separate day, I got invited by Vic to try out this super fun sport~


Because it was my first time, I spent most of my time here 😀


Republic Wakepark at Nuvali, Tagaytay


Thanks Vic for having me!

Sunny, clear skies and a bit chilly… perfect day for a water sport!


Someday, I’ll be able to do that! This is one of the things I’d like to do when I go back to Manila for a longer time :”)

And it just got better during the night!!

Thank you Rolly, Vic and Joeee! 😀


Rilakkuma + Random Meet-Ups <3

This was my buddy at home <3 Used these really cute and cheap stickers I got from HK! They are “magic” stickers btw *_*

Rilakkuma presents from Carlo 😀 Thank yoww!

Rainbow strips Cheenie got for me. So sweet!

Polaroids and marshmallows  :heart:

I dressed up a bit during Christmas day hahaha 😀


Meet the family nanny that we call “nanay” (which means mom in Tagalog) <3 She’s almost 80+ and still very strong!! Love you ‘Nay!!

When bored, skate.. and trip and fall. :))

Thank you Enji for my (kisu/ suki) choker! Haha sorry a bit fail with the photo :))

Got bored and finally tried the nail cat stickers I impulsively bought *_*


Neko time~!

While waiting for ChiChi, I had some Krispy Kreme donuts! 😀


FINALLY MET ChiChi, the artist who drew everything here!! We call each other twin because we somehow look similar haha! :”)

Met for the first time but it felt like we have been friends for so long!! :”)

Look at all the printed artworks she gave me *_* OMG


My Christmas and early Birthday gift ;_;


twin-ship yahoooo!


Me with my penny + A Very Rainbowholic Doodle Mini-book!!! :3



Thank you and I will fill it up with my “doodles” hahahaha 😀

Ain’t this the cutest page ever… :))) Omg the hands and feet =)) NICE! WOW! 😀


Meeting Celina The Unicorn!! and catching up with Highschool friends ^^

Finally, this day has come!! 😀 I finally met one of Rainbowholic’s loyal readers! :”) Applause for the unicorn Celina~ hihihi 😀

I introduced her here before~ ^^

I met her sister Alyssa when she came to Tokyo last year. Couldn’t believe we were ALL hanging out together! 😀 YAYAYAY!!!

Bought doughnuts for all of us 😀

Brb drooling again ;_;

Friends and colorful sweet donuts are the best <3

Thank you Alyssa and Celina :”)

Collage I made for us hihihi <3 We also have matching rings :”)


After my escapade at the Fort, I went back to Quezon City and met up with my highschool friends 😀


Krista, Karai and Charley! Thank you all for making time for me  :blush:

Got this Domo set from Comic Alley *_*

Domo attackkk!

One of my best purchases! Everything for only 1,000 pesos (2,000 yen) I think *_*



Had a yummy lunch with my bestfriend since forever, Aya!! We look so haggard in the photos but we must have photos on my blog haha 😛

Thanks for everything~ I appreciate the kidnapping! :”) This girl helped me a lot during my *crappiest* times ;_;

Went skateboarding and chilled with college friends at the Fort ^^


Weeeee~  :yay:

With another set of highschool friends as well :”) We all attended the same review classes before college *_* That was 4-5 years ago!?!

I missed you Lara, Dom, Dai, Lirei, Kim!! Too bad Ashley couldn’t come :”(

And then my parents surprised me with this cake from Estrel’s   :yay:

Quite early but because the store will be on vacation, they ordered my cake 3-5 days before hahaha <3

How I spent the rest of Christmas :”)

New year and two days after…

I was craving for Vietnamese food so I forced my parents (kidding) to have dinner at Pho Hoa <3


My pretty mom and dad <3

We so sweet! :)))

Vietnamese noodle souppp huhuhuhu so yummy

With my cousin, Gilbert <3

On the next day, we had palabok and Ube cake from Red Ribbon! Yummy yummy food ;_;

My simple attire @ always-sunny/hot Manila 😀


Had dinner with Renz who used to be one of my “trainees” / “neophytes” before in our organization (AdCreate Society) *_*

He’s now an Art Director!! *_* Thanks for the yummy dinner and catching-up! 😀

Foooood  :yay:

And then on January 3rd, I turned 22! *_* Omg  :what:

Thank you Raine again for this lovely present!! ;_; ;_; ;_;


I had some birthday blues before but this year was totally different! 😀


Birthday girl in white  :yay:

BreadTalk green tea + macaron cake!! Omg this was only for 500 pesos (1,000 yen) or so *_* In Japan, something like this would probably cost 3,000 yen or more!!


Had Chinese food with the family :”)

Turning 22 isn’t bad at all when you have a loving family … ;_;

Days before, I also got  a much-needed visit from Tracy nee-chan! She gave me this special headpiece and we had a good talk about life and boyzzz hahaha :”) THANK YOU Ate Tracy!!

(Ate = Older Sister in Tagalog)

Yummy Ube photo before leaving again huhuhu..

I repacked my “luggage” *_*

If only Cathay Pacific had more room for the baggage, I would’ve used the real one!

Connecting flight from Hongkong~


And I’m back! Bought special Hearts day-themed Pocky immediately lololol :))

It was freezing cold and I wasn’t in winter attire.. I looked like a homeless girl out in the cold with my big box :))))) Huhu my brother came late because he had an appointment ;_;


Brighter Days Are Ahead

Back in my room with all the left clutter *_*

My brother got me all these fukubukuro / lucky bag stuff when he went to Harajuku! ;_; Thank you Kuya!!

Writing a new chapter in my life.. (so deep lol)

Although 2012 really “tested” me, it wasn’t so bad after all.

Actually, it was such a great year for me because I had lots of opportunities that I didn’t expect would ever come.. ;_;

I learned a lot during the past year.. I learned that we shouldn’t depend our happiness on anyone / anything.. and happiness is a state of mind..

it is always a CHOICE.

I realized that even crappy things suddenly surprise you, we can’t really change those things. All we could do is change our way of thinking / attitude about it. And this why I’m still grateful for the challenges ! I still survived even if those were truly life-changing for me..

People change, things change.. but the fact that life does go on, it doesn’t change and this is WHY we need to move forward / UP. Can’t linger anymore in the past when the future seems brighter :”D

Anyway, this is way going too deep now… need to stop, hehehe. Hopefully I shared some useful life reflections to you guys ^^

Thank you all (my readers) for being with me through this jungle adventure-like journey I am experiencing right now. :”)

Cheers for an awesome 2013 ahead! Kampai and banzai! :)))


14 thoughts on “Spending Christmas and New Year in Manila

  1. kaiiiii :* :* :* :hug:
    new ADVENTURES ahead 🙂
    parang gusto ko narin mag KERR bodehh (pero tummy part lang hahaha)

    :heart: see you again soon kaila pero di na dito sa manila hahahaha 😆
    kwentuhan max max max ulit hahah

    p.s. sobrang cute ng gift sayo ni twin mo sarap kulayan hehehe :happy:

  2. カイラチャ!! Thank you for this nice blog! Its so nice to remember times and memories together in super kawaii style! Haha! Thank you! Next time we will be visiting you in Tokyo naman! I love that Sunken Garden picnic date! It’s so serene! I haven’t updated my blog for a whole
    Month na ata!! I have our picnic date definitely on my blogposts too! Whaaaaa! Lablab!!

  3. It sounds like you had such a wonderful time at home! It’s absolutely fabulous & you still manage to input all things kawaii, love it! 😀

  4. Long post. I forgot a lot of things I wanted to say in this comment hahaha

    I love the totoro slippers. And I love college ^w^
    Happy birthday!
    And oh omg! Those rainbowholic arts are so cute X3

  5. Great post! (as usual lol) I’m glad you had a great Christmas and a nice break. Can’t believe you mentioned me omg, but I hope you know that you’re an inspiration to many Kaila! Also I always love your co-ords/ootds! Always so cute haha!

    I’m looking forward to reading about your 2013 adventures! ^^


  6. I am reading your posts one by one and I love them all! :love: I think you just got yourself a new fan! :hihihi: Also, I never imagined that you’re from DLSU too!! :yay: I think I am a batch lower than you. Or two batches. ID 109 here. :kawaii: hahaha! More power! 😉 I love your posts (especially the Rilakkuma ones). I love your website. :cute:


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