Spring in Japan With My Family ?

Hi everyone!

Here’s a quick update and some photos from our family vacation here in Tokyo.

It’s been real fun so far & I’m so happy that I get to show them around places that I also enjoy.

Ever since, my parents have always been hardworking and busy at work…. so this trip really means a lot to all of us. I still do not know how this trip came possible (to save up for the three of us seemed impossible omg) but I strongly believe that there was a divine intervention along the way. Haha!

I’m planning on making a more “descriptive” blog entry in the future but for now, these will do! ; )

Wore kimono and strolled around Asakusa. It was their first time to experience this! ?

Read my Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo experience at their Sensoji branch here!

Yesterday night, out of impulse, I made a line blog. It’s for my Nihongo practice! 頑張ります!


Sharing shiba inu and cat cuteness ~

Hobonichi-ing during the trip!

Thanks Mom and Dad for braving the windy weather with me, haha!

Hello, Gil ~

Gave my parents a shopping spree treat at ABC Mart, Uniqlo and GU. They also enjoyed Fujiya Restaurant’s dinner set menu!

Tokyo Disneyland last Tuesday with my brother and his family. My mom loves kawaii too ~

Took a break from all the daughter duties and went out with Aki for a hanami date. He just came back from his Cebu / PH trip!

I’m so jealous because he got to swim with the butanding / whale sharks!

Baconette and Smirnoff for.. breakfast lol what haha

Went to Inamachi and enjoyed the local life!

Met the cutest and friendliest Shiba Inu, Moくん!Chisa taking photos of Mokun for about 30 minutes = the best lololol



And that’s all for now! Hope you guys enjoyed this mini update! <3



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