Spring in Japan + Bowling at Shibuya + Cafe Hohokam with Rachel

Whenever I go for a walk in our neighborhood, I really take it as an opportunity to just relax and literally “breathe”.

My work revolves around my laptop (though I try my best to spend less time with it and enjoy offline work more)..

… so it’s always refreshing to just walk and admire the beauty of Japan’s environment. <3



These small flower pots around never fail to make me pause for a while. Too cute to ignore! Agree? agree!


Oh btw, our new Kawaii.PH Blogger Mich also wrote about spring time in Japan ~ Check this special blog post! ^_~

IMG_6464_cb IMG_6459_cb


I spent so much time focusing on this dandelion lol but still a fail :))


Cutest ever


iPhone 5 y u not focus!


So pretty~ ahhh <3

When in Shibuya.. go bowling!

When my brother (a.k.a. our boss) went to LA with his family for their vacation, my cousin Gilbert and I roamed around Tokyo when we didn’t have work scheduled for us. <3

IMG_6369_cb IMG_6372_cb

We went bowling at EST Bowling Shibuya.

Highly recommended!

For 3 sets, it was only for 1,000-1,500 JPY and you can take your time!


I remember the time I forgot my own shoes and went home wearing bowling shoes LOLOLOLOL

 IMG_6390_cb IMG_6389_cb

Went back to Fujiya Restaurant in Shibuya because I was craving for sweets! *_*


Parii-san and Kumamon cup noodles from a convenience store~


Visited Village Vanguard once again! <3

When craving for yummy burgers, dine at Cafe Hohokam!


Finally, I got to meet a junior from my university (also in the same department, Marketing department)! We had brunch at Cafe Hohokam in Harajuku.

Again, another osusume / recommendation!


BURGER HUHUHU now I’m salivating ;_;


Cafe Hohokam website ~


With Rachel and Ala!


Spotted Arashi~


Random, random!


Tulips welcoming me for an onsen time <3

Onsen = hotspring


And Japanese kare for my hungry tummy~ <3

Why do I always end my blog posts with food ? Haha! 😀


2 thoughts on “Spring in Japan + Bowling at Shibuya + Cafe Hohokam with Rachel

  1. AHH~! Wish I could go to all restaurants/cafes you always recommend! 😥
    There’s a chance I’ll go to Japan soon so your blog is exactly what I need as a guide in harajuku and Shibuya.. etc! :yay:
    If I could only organize them all haha! :sob:

  2. Arashi daaaaa! :happy: I suddenly got hyper when I see that truck haha! And I remember the Guts PV 😥 it was freakin’ cute! Viva Seishun tachiagare~ lalalala~


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