Thank you, 2015! 2016, let’s unlock more dreams!

Before this year ends soon (just 2 hours more to go for 2016), here’s a gratitude post / reflection paper about my crazy 2015!


I am thankful for 2015 for all the learnings and challenges that made me stronger than ever.

This year, I lost a very important person in my life. That “dark phase” really tested me and it made me realize a lot of things. That I also want to be like this person when I grow older. When Nanay (our family Nanny / superwoman) went to heaven, that period in my life really inspired and pushed me more than ever to continue my “upgraded” #lifegoal. She touched so many people’s lives just by taking care / looking out for them. I also want to do the same, even if my ways are unordinary / different. : ) And this coming 2016, I want to do more things and create more projects not just for myself, but more for others too. This will be my long-term goal / staple objective in everything that I will do in the future.


2015 made me realize how much I want to do the best of my best for my family back home + our growing Kawaii PH community (that has super BIG potential to grow exponentially)! I had a phone call with my mom just last week, and she was telling me about what she wants to do in the future (as she is contemplating of retiring from her insurance job). It felt so great to hear from her that she wants to fully support my “kawaii dreams” by helping me setup my Rainbowholic cafe in the future (which I am saving up for with all the work I am juggling right now). I had goosebumps when she told me her ideas about this cafe / place. I grew up witnessing my Mom and Dad being so compassionate and generous (to the point that they would still give to others, even if we’re already beyond negative.. TT_TT). We would even joke around about how my Mom could be the head of DSWD (department of social welfare & development) in the Philippines, lolol.

I am excited for the day we would open Rainbowholic Cafe (maybe a few years from now, who knows?), a kawaii cafe that is more than just being “visually cute” / instagram-worthy. Just like what my mom told me, we want it to be a place brimming with positivity and empowerment where we would hold activities / workshops / talks like about how to chase after your dreams (in any given circumstance whether you’re from the streets and the like), etc. from time to time. ;_; Anyway, I am just really happy & too excited to share these thoughts with you all. Maybe that by blogging about our crazy dream, the universe will conspire to help us! : )

This 2015 was such a blessed year for Kawaii Philippines / my kawaii family back home. We got invited by numerous companies / event organizers to promote kawaii culture (and our positivity movement). We were able to write and publish our FIRST book. We got featured in Tokyo Extra. Our community grew bigger and bigger. I met lots of amazing and talented people within this family. I got to collaborate with my friends to work on our mutual dreams together. I am thankful for everybody who contributed in whatever way they can for Kawaii PH to become what it is right now! 🙂

It was all hard work and the behind-the-scenes were crazy but… seeing those happy smiles and receiving overwhelming / “life-changing” testimonials about Kawaii PH just make all our sleepless nights and efforts WORTH it all. I am BEYOND excited for what’s in store this coming 2016! I hope you guys will continue to support us! :”)

Kawaii PH (work) changed my life for the better. After years of being passionate about this, my life became more meaningful with a greater purpose. I’m sure my teammates / our volunteers have the same sentiments. ^_^


I am glad that I am writing this mini “2015 year in review” blog post in a way that.. it’s not just all about me / my personal dreams unlocked (as it used to be before). This is actually exactly what I hoped 2015 to turn out!

Less of me and more of others.

I realized that during your most unhappy / gloomy moments, you can be also truly happy instantly by sharing your (remaining) sunshine and cloudy skies with others. And that I don’t really have to mind what others say about me or the things that I do, as long as I keep my eyes focused on my #lifegoal. : ) This year, I really took effort to “free” myself from other people’s opinion. I developed the skill of not getting sidetracked despite having people judging you for what you are passionately about. :”)

To my loyal Rainbowholic blog readers (please never get tired of waiting for all of my photos to load huhuhu), my real friends (who love me even if I’m Kaila Kardashian or emo Kaila, lels), fellow Kawaii PH community / family (YOU ALL ROCK!), and EVERYONE who made 2015 a memorable one, thank you so much from the bottom of my heart!

Cheers to the amazing 2016! Let’s own this year, once again!

Happy New Year, 皆さん!

Love, カイラ

5 thoughts on “Thank you, 2015! 2016, let’s unlock more dreams!

  1. Thank you for inspiring me since I discovered your blog in August.
    It’s been good to be able to see several sides of Japan through your empowering blog entries. It’s powered my ambition to visit Japan- and who knows maybe I too will be able to live there one day.
    I’ll carry on supporting Kawaii PH because your goals really inspire me to want to something similar one day. Hopefully Rainbowholic Cafe will be built and the wait will not be too long. It’s a shame I don’t live near to the Phillipines/ Japan ;P
    おめでとうございます! I hope 2016 brings lots of new things for you and all of Kawaii PH.

  2. @Morgan: Thank you so much for your comment / message! Never give up on your Japan dream! Thank you for supporting Kawaii PH and for cheering me on for my Rainbowholic Cafe. ;_;

    2016 will be an amazing year for the both of us! Happy New Year!!

  3. Wow…Rainbowholic cafe with the help of your parent is such a superb thing that going to happen in your life! I am super excited when I read about it. Too bad I am not staying in Philippines, but I think I should add Philippines as my travel bucket list after Japan. (^-^) Happy 2016 to you and God Bless you, Kaila!!

  4. Happy New Year, Kaila!
    I really hope to go to your Cafe someday! It’s an amazing idea! And you always inspire me to follow my dreams to be a book illustrator! Someday I will be one! And this year I am going to make my first step in this way!

    Thank you very much… As always ~*


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