Thankful for everything. ?

Hi folks!

I’m currently typing as fast as I could because I only have 10 minutes left for my lunch break, haha!

Just in time for thanksgiving, let me just share something personal! 🙂


Added new pages to this little book of positive things of mine. 🙂

If you’ve been following me from before, you would know that I’m really fond of making gratitude lists.

It’s my way of taking care of myself. Being appreciative even things are tough is hard but it’s a skill that I’ve been honing these years.


Honestly, I have sooo many things to be thankful for these days. I can’t share everything yet but here are some of the big and little things that I do not take granted for.

I am thankful for:

Being able to wake up not feeling tired even if I had only a few hours of sleep

Lunch breaks at work where I can do and resume my creative work

Regular & funny conversations with my friends even if we are miles apart

Challenges in every day that train me to be tougher. Some problems just do not get better.. but I know, I’m the one who gets better in the end. 😉


I am thankful for having the sweetest readers / subscribers. Honestly, I can’t believe this blog is still this active after soo many years. Your encouragement really inspires me to move mountains and keep on going while I’m on this journey of achieving small & big dreams. I may not be able to respond fast, but please do know that I read and I’m always grateful for your support and comments.

I know I’ve been tweeting these for weeks but I’m also very thankful for my clients at Rainbowholic Shop. My shop is still small and growing, but all your purchases really help me with this big dream of mine. 🙂

Life has not always been perfect for me (behind every successful milestone I reached, buckets of tears & blood were invested btw haha), and I actually like it as it is. Call me crazy but I even appreciate the not-so-good days I’ve had this year. Looking back, I cannot even remember these days in detail, haha! Maybe the positive journaling has taken effect? 😉

I am thankful for people who have made my days brighter. You guys know who you are. 🙂 To my k-drama lovin’ friends who would tag me about the updates and other funny memes, thank you for your time, haha! Lastly, I’m grateful for Korea / the Korean people because they produce so many entertaining kdrama series that have taken over my life (not sure if it’s really “in a good way” though, lol). Thank you 7-eleven Japan for making kimchi nabe + iced caffe late available everywhere, too! Lol, I’m getting so random right now.

Anyway, let me just be the ridiculously thankful person even just for this day, haha~

How about you? What are the things / moments that you are thankful about? Would love to know about your thoughts! 🙂



4 thoughts on “Thankful for everything. ?

  1. This seems like a nice idea to write a positive book, to read and reflect of the things each one is thankful about. Your book is really cute with all that decoration ?.
    And I’m thankful for a lot of little things but most important the persons that appreciate and I have in my life today, we never know what’s going to happen tomorrow so let’s be thankful and enjoy each day ٩( ๑╹ ꇴ╹)۶

  2. i’m actually grateful to have met you one day through a tumblr post, you’ve been always inspiring me all these years. i thank you everyday for the rainbows, kailla!


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