Thankful :)

Today is my rest day from a crazy week of preparation for Cosmania 2013 . For the last 3 days, my teammates and I only had 3-4 hours of sleep … *_* Exhausted to the max, but still very thankful for everything. Life isn’t perfect (and I’m so broke now), but I am very grateful for all these blessings in different forms. Meeting new people, getting support & opportunities, being discovered, and all the big and small things… Waaah.. thank you ;__;

Almost exactly a year ago, I was an entirely different person.. my brother is probably right, I suddenly grew up hahaha.

Maybe it’s because I’ve gotten more appreciative and I’m seeing things from a different light now. Maybe being appreciative really does attract good karma + luck + all the positive vibes! :))

To all those who dropped by our booths last weekend to say hi and buy kawaii / Japanese goodies, a big THANK YOUUUU!  😥 Also another arigatou (arigachu, haha) to everyone who showed moral support! I may not be able to respond to all your emails / messages / tweets.. but please take note that I’m mentally replying to you guys hehehe ~


Also, just wanna share this adorable art one of my readers (Jenni from Australia) made for me and my toy poodle, Chocnut!  😥

Efforts such as this make me more motivated especially during my down days TT_TT

Chocnut and Rainbowholic by Jenni <3


Now count all the thank you’s in this post, hahaha~


5 thoughts on “Thankful :)

  1. You’re totally awesome. I hope I can have motivation like that and all. And it was nice meeting you in person (and I was honestly surprised, but it’s awesome :D). Hope you keep up your kawaii-ness! :3

  2. Kaila ♡ it was nice meeting you in person and thank you din! 🙂 what if i want to buy more enji kawaii items? can we meet for that? and also our pictures!!! pls do email me our pictures hihi :”> thanks much!!! (*^^*)

    ~ kimmy


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