That One-Shot Email That Changed My Life + Rainbowholic Interview by Cilla!

Originally, I was planning to post an update for the Kawaii Leaders Day 4.. but that can definitely wait until tomorrow ~ hehehe!


So.. I recently got interviewed by one of my readers, Priscilla! I really liked her thought-provoking questions so I willingly obliged to do the interview, hehe~ ^^v

~ Excerpt ~


If you want to get to know me moreeeee, please read the whole interview! I answered everything with all my heart.  :pink:

I sold myself 2 years ago! ~ :))

I’ve been contemplating whether I should (or should not) share about the silly / “crazy” email I wrote with so much love / passion to the team.

I can’t believe it has been two years since that night. ;_;

As far as I could remember.. I was having trouble sleeping comfortably that night because I was so ~doki doki~ about’s response! *_*

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To my bosses / team, gomen ne if all of a sudden, there’s an influx of emails because of me :)))))  :tongue:

And honestly, I think majority (80%??) of my readers got referred by the (I get many emails about how they discovered me via TF.. Anggy is one of them!).. The people running this huge website are also my ~mentors~ who have provided me a lot of opportunities to learn & hone my craft.. and  meet people I never thought would ever meet (*cough* Kyary *cough* Sebastian Mastuda ;__; *) even before the Kawaii Leaders project.. ;_;

Until now, even if I am miles away from Japan, they still give me pieces of advice + words of encouragement regarding my own gigs ;_; HUHUHU  😥 and I gained a lot of friends in Tokyo because of my fun not-really-work work for! Even though my videos are still very amateur-ish (hello shaky hands .. >_<), to have a platform where I can share my own “perspective” in capturing moments…. that’s my kind of happiness! *_* When I come back to Japan next year, I’ll definitely make more videos with this amazing group of people!! ;_; Anyway.. enough of this, I think I’m about to go emotional already .. hehehe~! 😛


Quick update is quick! Hope you’ll read the interview~!  :heart:


5 thoughts on “That One-Shot Email That Changed My Life + Rainbowholic Interview by Cilla!

  1. :heart: :heart: You’re so inspiring :loveheart: You teach us readers to never give up no matter how many times we’ve been knocked out of the game. :cute2: You’ll be my inspiration: FOREVER! <3 YAY :star: :kawaii: :kiss:

    I feel so clingy :33: :33:

  2. Thanks for showing us that email, it helps to motivate myself (I can be a bit slack sometimes) I always admire people that work hard and chase their goals!! YAY!

  3. Every time I read your posts I get super hyped up to go do something. Then I get frustrated when I can’t figure out what to do lol :ohnoes:
    But you’re always so motivational, it’s nice to read these posts when I’m feeling frustrated!

  4. :woww: You are so brave 😀 I’m inspired and also I like your blog 🙂 As a fellow filipina like you… I hope I could have a shot on what you are doing too… 🙂 I definitely love Japanese Culture 🙂 gambatte ne!

  5. This! This post right here is what’s keeping me going! I got knocked down a few times and still stumbling with people trying to tell me what I should be doing. But nope! Not gonna give in! Thank you so much for sharing these inspiring words with us! I hope all of us dreamers get to where we need to be. I know I am! So thank you, from the bottom of my heart! :heart:


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