Things to do in Japan (by JapanLover.Me) + Sailormoon Things + How To Study in Japan (Teaser) + And MOREEE!

Hello everybody!

Just a quick blog entry about all the kawaii / JLM-related work I’ve been doing these past few weeks. Also, I have been working on‘s launch too! I’m sorry for the delay huhu totally unexpected! September is a real hectic month for me as we have a crazy goal for Store so I’ve been maximizing my days like crazy (check my twitter and it’s always a plug for any of the shops that I handle.. haha)! I can’t wait for the day/s I could watch a series / movie again without thinking much about the pile of work I need to do. Looking forward to those days, haha!

First off, I’d like to reintroduce our “Things to do in Japan” series part 2 at Japan Lover Me!

Things To In Japan - Japan Lover Me

What to eat, buy, visit, and do in Japan? We’re all about those in the following months!

You may contribute to our lists by emailing us at [] with the subject “What to do in Japan contribution”. 

murakami vans illus - banner

VANS x Takashi Murakami Slip-ons are now available at our store! Limited designs / sizes only.


Really want this Thunderbird collectible. But it’s a shop item, huhu! To the future owner, please take care of it~ haha!


I haven’t bought anything that would be marked as a personal expense (except for daily food lolol) for the past weeks but I gave in to this one! This is just what I need (really, a need?? hahaha) when I work here at home and I want to feel cute.


JAPAN, why you steal my money?? I’m more of a Cardcaptor Sakura fan but this Almond Peak Sailormoon packaging is… ;___;

manekineko logo (Jap. version)

Alongside with everything, I am also currently working on a fundraising campaign for Little INKPLAY shop with Imani. She hired me as her consultant and I’m pretty excited!! 🙂 Hopefully my knowledge would be really helpful, haha.


This special how-to blog entry has been on my mind for ages! I am so glad that Sig & Jessica were so game to help me out on this (they were exchange students in Japan). Kindly look forward if you need inspiration on how to achieve your student dreams here. I was once a Japanese language student and I tried for scholarships too (my attempts haha).


I guess that would be all for now. So many things to cross out from my to-do list but I know I’ll find a way to finish these all. *CROSSES FINGERS*

Love, カイラ

One thought on “Things to do in Japan (by JapanLover.Me) + Sailormoon Things + How To Study in Japan (Teaser) + And MOREEE!

  1. hi there kaila~! i really love reading your blog about your daily life in japan! actually i’m a half japanese but i didnt have a chance to go visit japan since i was young so i really jealous when i see you travel a lot place at japan especially harajuku! i really wanted to go harajuku someday if i have the chance huhu! >w< sorry if i ask something that burden you…


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