Kaila’s Tips On How To Be Confident

Hello everyone!

Just want to share some tips / life hacks on how to feel confident about yourself by acknowledging your weaknesses & emphasizing more on your strengths.


Trust me, I used to be that girl who had major / minor insecurity issues & I also compared myself a lot with others (hence, “not feeling enough”)…. until I woke up one day and started to love myself more (cause I deserve it!) by treating le self better. <3

Let’s start!

  • Confidence starts with a smile. There are simply days when I just feel like crap and “smiling with teeth” (even if it feels forced) would always improve my mood. 😀
  • Posture makes a HUGE difference. If you are about to deliver a talk / presentation / meet someone (and you’re not feeling confident).. chin up, smile and straighten your posture. When I started to become more mindful about my posture, I began to feel like “I can conquer this situation“.. and I would always do. : )
  • Dress your best. If wearing that blazer or yellow shoes can elevate your mood & boost your self-esteem, go ahead! : )
  • Don’t mind what others tell about you when you know you are not hurting anyone. I’ve been told “childish” many times because I sport kawaii fashion in my lifestyle… I just shrug off those nonsense comments because I believe what I’m doing is meaningful. And there’s nothing wrong to be kawaii & an achiever of life at the same time hihi ^^
  • It’s tempting to compare your whole life/ failures + achievements and the like with others but resist it. Comparison is the thief of joy and when you’re unhappy, you’d feel less confident about yourself. So… don’t compare your amazing self with other amazing people. <3
  • Reduce complaints / whining and focus more on how you can better a situation. Complaining how you can’t lose the extra fats will not make those extra fats disappear. Commitment to exercising does. People who’d always complain about their life situation are usually the ones who don’t feel too good about themselves (and some are unaware ;_;). Avoid to become one of those.. and if you feel that you are guilty of this, try with your best effort to cease the unnecessary complaints. Life will be so much better & positivity will start to flow in your life. You just have to allow yourself to become more open-minded + “solution driven” rather than stay as “problem driven”.

  • Say goodbye to your sedentary lifestyle. Regular exercise or walking has improved my life in a +++++++++ way. Studies also show that through physical activities, one can improve his/her self-confidence (positive self-image!).
  • Repeat this everyday: “I am a great person, I am a great person.. I can ___, ___, ….“.
  • When somebody says something bad about you and it’s affecting your confidence, assess first if it’s really about you (personal constructive criticism), or this person just wants to “attack” you by making you feel small. Don’t sweat over the small stuff (gossip, bored people who find joy in pulling others’ down, etc. ).
  • Be more appreciative of the little things that make you smile / big things worth celebrating for. Gratitude = happiness. Genuine happiness about yourself / your life in general = confidence.
  • Do more of the things that make you feel accomplished / a “winner”. Whenever I finish a blog entry or any hobby that makes me feel wonderful within, I’d feel great instantly. That sense of accomplishment (we all have our different ways on how to see / do this) would absolutely give anyone a ~confidence power~ within.
  • Confidence is not a special gift for some people. It is something that we all deserve. Please keep this in mind, beautiful you! : )
  • Get to know yourself more. When you fully know / you are being aware about what makes you upset or the little things that tick you off.. you’d have an idea on how to shy yourself away from those situations that make you feel not-so-good. Highlight on your positive traits more! : )
  • Listen to empowering music that gets yourself in that “confident zone”. Whenever I feel that I am not my best, I’d play the entire “happy music playlist”.
  • Please note that inner confidence is different from arrogance / attitude problem. : ) There is a thin line between these 2 different worlds! ^^v
  • Read + blogs / motivational books and watch TEDx talks online. When you are learning something new & it makes you refreshingly excited, it would automatically give you a good fuzzy feeling inside too. <3
  • Remember: You are a 10. (And do the pretty girl rock, hihi!)

Go youuuu!


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