Tokyo Midtown’s Illumination in Roppongi

Since today was the second last day of our school, my friends and I decided to hang out after class. :yay:  The last time we “played” (asobu!) was last month! And it was for our Halloween picnic @___@ And now it’s Christmas~

Actually this was all Shouro’s idea. Arigatou ne~

The sun was ready to “set” at 4:00 pm !

This is why I love my school… everything is just too pretty, most especially the flowers~!

Golden trees outside

Bunka’s front. And yup, it’s a regular scene to see lolitas attending classes haha!

Shouro “illegally” parked her bike somewhere in front of Bunka.


My fashionable friends.. and Dawa being drunk (happily drunk?) in the afternoon. Look at how she fits well with the trees!


Why I love Japan: I can wear coats and boots!

Awesome wall of pixel bokehness of some sort upon arriving in Roppongi!


I love this 1000 yen dress : ) I have three colors of this!

We ate our delicious dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant.. and they had curry in their menu. I think I’m beginning to like curry!

We converse in Japanese and English.. and I nod in Chinese hahaha. I love how we can hang out comfortably : )

Shouro told me that our picture looks like we’re ladies having a cup of tea in the afternoon… WHUT

After our dinner, we headed out in the cold and watched patiently the free illumination viewing in Roppongi! Courtesy of Tokyo Midtown~

Watch this magical illumination!  :star:

One of the most amazing things I’ve experienced here in Japan. What made it more awesome was the company of my friends ~

View from the bridge

These are entirely different Christmas lights @_@

It would be awesome to watch an illumination while inside this double-decker bus!

After freezing ourselves outside, we decided to go around Tokyo Midtown. Hermes was having a campaign / booth..

That puzzling moment when you see a security guard.. which happens very RARELY in Japan.


Very orange-y and Dawa-san style!

A scarf was around 80,000 yen @_____@

At least as I was able to take pictures of the details! Haha. I’m not really a fan of luxury brands.

And here’s an entry-ender: a photo of a Rainbowholic ribbon pasta that popped out from nowhere while we were on our way home @_@


I had so much fun. Going out with your friends does help a lot with sudden rushes of homesickness!


2 thoughts on “Tokyo Midtown’s Illumination in Roppongi

  1. Ahhh one of the reasons why I wanna go to Japan: You can wear coats and boots~ ;w;

    THE ILLUMINATION’S SO BEAUTIFUL~ *___* I hope to see that soon. ;w;

    And your dress is so cute and I can’t believe you have 3 diff. colors of that dress huhu if only dresses like those exist here and are as cheap as the ones there. :<

    AND OHMYGAY RAINBOWHOLIC RIBBON PASTA. Meant talaga. :heart: (lolwat)


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