Tokyo November Adventure Part 1: Akihabara + The “New” Tokyo Station + Rainbow Pockyland in Odaiba

こんばんは! Good evening from Japan!  :yay:

I’m finally able to blog about my amazing day with my older brothers here in Tokyo~!


On our way to Akihabara using the Yamanote line.

This is Kuya Francis, my fourth older brother. In case you guys didn’t know.. I have 4 older brothers *_* I’m the youngest and the only girl.

We are 6 years apart by the way. And he looks so young for his age 😀

We went to Diver City again at Odaiba and visited this epic life-size Gundam :))

Went to a Retro Japan-themed indoor park and found these yummy biscuits!

Visited the renovated Tokyo Station!


And had purikuras~!  😎


Enjoy the photos as I tour you with me~

Akiba / 秋葉原

For some reason, I have so many Akiba-related entries here on Rainbowholic.. and it’s always when I have to accompany someone who is on vacation / wants to experience “Japan”.

If you are going to travel to Tokyo for a week, I would suggest that you go to Shinjuku, Shibuya, Harajuku, Akihabara… these four places are the must-go spots! Haha!

Akihabara is so accessible because of Yamanote Line =)

My brother is amazed 😀

Here’s a not-so-rainbowholic me <3

I’m wearing my favorite KYAAA necklace from Enji エンジ  :pink:

We first met up with our visa counselor, Teramoto-sensei 😀

My other brother Eric (the one that I frequently mention in my blog) was the one who took most of our photos haha~

Exploring Yodobashi Camera a.k.a. portal of everything electronic! : ))

Yodobashi Camera building is so convenient. There’s a floor full of restaurants for salarymen + gadget shoppers!

Katsudon and soba~ Now I’m hungry -_-

Mushrooms and rice!!

There’s also a huge bookstore for all manga-lovers. Wish everything was scanlated into English as well -_-

I bought the moshi moshi book by Kyary :3 Look how excited I was, haha!

GUNDAM paradise!


Awkward pose my brother Eric told us to do.


My toy poodle! :))

How to be a stereotypical tourist.

And then my brother Eric told Kuya Francis to try out everything. Hahaha omg..

*hides in shame* :))

(Kuya = “older brother” honorific in Tagalog)


But since we are all gaijins / foreigners, sometimes tourist-y actions are acceptable =))

Cameras, cameras, cameras.

They have everything.

Even these cool customizable PENTAX cameras.


50% of the photos here are my brother’s tourist-y photos hahaha


We also visited an adult shop.. =)))) WTF

Shameless plugging is shameless

So inappropriate. :))



Where all the men in suits work.

I think every guy would want to visit this cafe!


Mandatory photos 😀

The New Tokyo Station

After our short visit in Akihabara, we decided to take a look at the newly renovated Tokyo Station!

Tokyo Station before.. 

Now *_* SO PRETTYYY and nostalgic!


Odaiba (Diver City)

If you’re in Tokyo station and you want to go to Odaiba, the easiest way is to go to Shimbashi using Yamanote Line.

From Shimbashi, ride the special Yurikamome Line to tour around Odaiba~

The train is so cute!

View from the front.

One of the most breathtaking sites every *_*

Imagine this in motion + sunset time!


Since it’s my brother’s first time to really go out in Tokyo with us, we took every opportunity to take a photo of whatever he did. Seriously.

I saw a photo of my brother inside the restroom -_- Ahh.. my brothers *_*

My second time to see the Statue of Liberty :))



The random things you see in Japan. :)) I actually have a video of these “rangers” (don’t know if these are from another show) dancing in front of the life-size Gundam :)))

5th, 4th and 2nd. Haha!

Rested for a bit with all the walking…



I don’t know if you guys remembered the GIANT Rainbow Pocky I first posted on Rainbowholic fb page … The photo was sent by my friend / sister JL (not blood-related, she’s like a family to me here ^^) who went to Odaiba a few weeks ago.

I never thought I would see it in my own eyes as well..  :blank: Had a mini heart attack when I saw Rainbow Pocky boxes… and those were the GIANT kinds!! :O

Found at 2nd or 3rd floor at Diver City mall in Odaiba.


That’s me beside the huge poster I wanted to take home~

Also, watch out for my Rainbow Pocky x Kyary Pamyu Pamyu giveaway SOON!!


My brother’s reaction is priceless. Y U NOT LIKE HELLO KITTY :O :O :O


A huge potato CALBEE mascot that we just had to hug.




Someday, I will be able to collect all of you! :O

EVA is being so hyped recently.. I think I’ve seen an EVA collab with every brand already. Haha!


I don’t know why my brother is also a camwhore.. :))


Fake paparazzi shots while on our way to DECKS. I’m so fake :))


And that’s just half of our day adventure! I think I’ll be blogging two more entries about  that day. :O So many new discoveries / fun things to do in Odaiba!!


That would be everything for now..~


12 thoughts on “Tokyo November Adventure Part 1: Akihabara + The “New” Tokyo Station + Rainbow Pockyland in Odaiba

  1. Wow! Such a huge post! ♥
    YOur brother really is a camwhore…I couldn’t take that much photos of any of my friends in 1 single day. They would be like “omg no”, including me haha.

  2. This looks like so much fun and a long day! I bet you were so tired after all that walking :33: I can’t wait to go to Tokyo some day!

  3. It looked like too much fun, i didn’t know you had four older bro’s. huh, quess you learn something new every day. I would love to visit there someday. btw i don’t know if you celebrate it in Japan but, happy thanksgiving! :heart: :hihihi: :fly: :cutee: :cute2:

  4. wow *0*
    I’ve never though of you having 4 other older brothers :what:
    but you’re so lucky :yay:
    all the foods na sunod-sunod nyo pong pinost :uwaa:
    MANGA!!! I’m also a manga lover too ya knw :pink:
    I want to build my own gundam but too expensive here :uwaa:
    TOKYO STATION IS WOW!!!I wanna ride :))
    spotted the replica of statue of liberty :))
    RAINBOW POCKY!!! I WANNA TASTE YOU SO MUCH!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I wanna win it because all the prizes you posted on your blog about the giveaway (i think its a teaser) are all in my wishlist :)) hope I get my wish granted this Christmas :yay: :33: :hug: I WANT TO WIN THAT AS MY CHRISTMAS GIFT!! :yay: :yay: :hug: :hug: :33: :33: :blush:
    EVA is invading JAPAN!!!
    hope you also get you toy poodle nee chan :))
    wish us luck always :yay: :yay: :yay: :yay: :33: :hug: :hug:

  5. Whouaw… Akihabara is like… one of my dream to go to ?
    All those things to see ! I juste want to go and getting lost 😀 And enjoy it ~
    Your borther is so COOL. Juste childish, younger, but in a good-way. Love this kind of person, happy to live !


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