Tokyo Tower and Goldfishes + My Own Bento

These are some of the ignored photos from my iPhone. This was the place we visited in Roponggi. I was with Shouro and Minjung ~

I added some random photos just because..

Beautiful Tokyo Tower

Inside an aquarium. Awesome concept! The Japanese already..


A random photo of my brother’s yellow beetle. And yes, a yellow flower is a requirement.

P.S. He’s not gay

Touring around Kiddyland in Harajuku. SO MANY RILAKKUMA STUFF I wanted to buy for staring purposes only @_@

Who would use the bandaids forreals? Tell me. AND SPOT THE RAINBOW iPod CASE  😥

Random thing about me: I love going to cafes alone.

The Week That Was

I recently started “cooking”. For me, cooking means frying eggs, spam..

Reading TinyBuddha‘s eBook that I will be forever grateful for!

Random stuff omelette (as I call it) + naked fried siomai

Naked fried siomai happens when you soak (for defrosting) the siomai for too long then you decide to throw it in a pan of hot oil..

.. and you’re using the wrong frying pan.


There’s a rice cooker in my room (well, Japan and small rooms.. what can you say)

Unrecognizable “chicken lollipops” that could be mistaken as charcoal?

I’m learning, okay = )))

I thought I studied so much for the review test we had (because we had summer).. but turns out I missed a couple of chapters.

And I didn’t realize that there was also a KANJI TEST. 17-28 chapters… so you could guess what score I had : ))

This is my school’s shokudo / canteen. I’ve mentioned before that my language school is the sister school of Bunka Fashion College (prestigious fashion school in Japan)..

The canteen becomes a runway during lunch, haha. Mini Harajuku within school?

I wanted to steal those wooden display = ))

Spot my cutie lunch box. 100 yen!

Bento I made the night before. Didn’t cook the chicken, just bought it.. = ))

I don’t think I could bring my charcoal-looking “chicken lollipops” to school..

Healthy living with my tomatoes! I LOVE TOMATOES /randomfact

Surprisingly, on the second day (Tuesday).. it was my first time (hajimete) to eat food from the canteen. Usually I’d just buy bento boxes…

During lunch time, I love wandering around the bookstore / library / school’s mini park.. so I never really tried buying canteen food before. And it has been.. 5 months?

Le sigh

What I love (and sometimes hate) about my school is its intense teaching methods :ohnoes:

They teach you Japanese in JAPANESE.


Have I mentioned I love their bookstore? Japanese magazines, pattern/texture books, photobooks, everything a designer would love to have!

Designs that were displayed by Bunka Fashion College students

Walked around Shinjuku before heading home…

Katy Perry’s ongoing PURR perfume campaign. I’m so going back to buy my own! Even if it’s the smallest bottle…haha

Liz Lisa shop. I love their autumn ensembles! Aki (autumn), please come to Japan now!

Japanese Language Proficiency Test

Yesterday, Tomoko-sensei handed this to us. I’ll be taking the JLPT once again (I took it 2 years before when I was studying Nihongo also).. That time, there were only 4 levels. Now, they have 5.  I’ll be bravely taking JLPT Level 3 this December.  :dead:

And I shall end this abruptly once again..


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