Twenty Four

Hello everyone! こんにちは!

Last January 3, I turned 24..

(even though internally, I felt that I just turned 18 or 19 haha).

New Year

We had a sudden out-of-town trip and we went to a beautiful theme park called “Edo Wonderland” in Nikko. Had a chance to spend a tanoshikatta day at Tobu World Square where we had a trip around the world~  :happy:

It was a perfect time to have a mini holiday vacation without so much fuss~

Because of the impromptu trip, a  special #RainbowholicTV episode was sacrificed! *Oops* : )

Oh well~ please do wait for it~ ありがとう!

Dreams & Wishes

For my 24th birthday, here are my heart’s desires~ : )

Hope these will come true even if they have been exposed to the world already, haha!


1. A Stronger Version of Myself

Though I think of myself as a strong woman, I think that my responsibilities this 2015 would require an upgraded Kaila. 😀

My keywords last year were adventurous / fearless. Now, Stronger is my theme. : )

2. Successful かわいい Projects

Because when a happy community (hi Kawaii PH!) works together towards a goal, dreams come true and the magic of kawaii empowerment happens. : )

3. Happiness of Family & Friends

4. Opportunities & Blessings For Everyone



I had some time to write down about my resolutions (or rather, “keywords”) this 2015!

And here are my top priorities. : )


Hopefully, these won’t be just words written on paper! : )


How about you, what are your “keywords” this year?


Love, Kaila

3 thoughts on “Twenty Four

  1. Thanking God for your 24 years of existence 🙂 Thank you for being such a great blessing to the people around you (including me hehe), Ate Kaila ♡ Love you!!!!! so much!!!!! Cute mo sa first photo WOOOOO HAHA ♡♡

  2. Super belated happy brithday, Miss Kaila! You are two years older than me pero it feels you are just my very best friends with your every blog post. Thank you for inspiring me. I have been back reading all your blog post (malapit ko ng matapos, kunting kebot nalang) and reading your posts makes me want to hug you. Thank you and continue inspiring girls like me!


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