Twenty Three

Today, I turned 23.

Indeed, being 22 was really an exciting & great journey for me.

And I’m really thankful for all the blessings that came my way.

For the important life lessons disguised as hard situations, thank you too.

I matured a lot.  :nod:

Now that I am 23, I think that I have more responsibilities and challenges waiting for me.

After coming back from a military camp-like year (hi 2013), I think that I’m ready for any battle this 2014! : )




Positivity, happiness, smiles.. these will be my keywords for my 23 yr. old self. : )







Thank You for always being with me. I know that with You, I can conquer anything. : )


 Photographed by the multi-talented Anne Kate Pinero (Blog & Facebook)

Dolly Lenses from GWY Shop | Radical Necklace from Trixy Starr Jewelry (Facebook)

Adorable dessert heels from Juizy Woozy | Felt cuteness by Artwine (Facebook)


<3, Kaila

8 thoughts on “Twenty Three

  1. Go Kalia!!!! 😉 Good luck for 2014, follow your dreams!!! Thank you for being a inspiration :hihi: This year I will work hard to make my dreams true!!! :yay:

  2. Hi Ate Kaila. Im very exited this coming April because I am going The Philippines :yay: :yehey: :starru: :nod: , can you please keep me in check with the coming events please :blush: :blush3: :bleh: ! I am sure I will be attending them :3: 😎 :333: :cute: :33: .
    Yours Truly

  3. Happy Birthday 😀 That bag is so cute and I love how your hair has so many waves ~ Let’s all have an awesome 2014!

  4. the pictures = <333333
    I hope your 23th to be full of dreams, smiles, great moments and learning <3
    2013 was a difficult year for a lot of ppl, may 2014 be calm and filled of dreams coming true <3


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