Visiting Glicopia East the Holy POCKY land + Shimamura Cuteness + Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama

Finally, I am able to blog this special entry about the Glicopia East (a.k.a. Pocky & Pretz Factory) tour we attended last December! :”)

We weren’t allowed to take photos of the factory itself but I managed to take some photos during the tour.  :heart:

Thank you Iida-san for arranging this memorable trip!   :pink:

Where all the yummy Pocky are being made! :O

Because it was a very special day, I prepared this Pocky print bow! 😀 As worn by Rilakkuma ^^v

A panoramic view of the whole place with kids running around, haha~

Glico’s iconic pose~

Super sleek and cleaaan!

The perks of being a foreigner .. I managed to snap some photos like a ninja during the introduction :))

I wasn’t aware that it wasn’t allowed *_*


The lady was very polite and told me privately about it. Thanks Onee-san!

Vintage Pocky and the new Pocky! <3

How Glico started…


Vending machines back in the day~

Kids can watch a short film in 30 seconds (or less) and they get a free caramel candy / toy after!

The toys from the vintage vending machine..



It was super sunny & I was being such a huge fan…

(hence this kinda awkward photo hahaha)

Ninja photo! 😀

Pocky for the hearts day~


After the tour (which was in pure Japanese btw), we all went to a room where we could play a trivia game.

After which, elementary kids (huhu) can go and experience the mini factory! They were having a deco pocky session *envy* ;_;


You know you’re in Glico when :)))

Symbolic heart for the heart-shaped caramel candy + kids in the tour

(You could say I was the only “young adult” that time. Hahaha!)

Happy Happy Kaila 😀

Just in front of the Glico building, there was a souvenir store for all their items! I was soooo soooo haaaaappy *_* I think even happier than the kids almost half of my age lololol

Pocky balloons in the store. I want the strawberry balloon pleaseeee!

(Maybe I should install the freebies in my room too?)


Nino + Pocky = <3 <3 <3 <3

Hello Kitty collaboration ^^v

GIANT Chocolate Pocky boxes I wanted to hoard.

Not really a fan of PRETZ but I am always amazed by their new flavors now and then :)))

<3 <3

If ever I’ll have a design studio in the future, this photo is my inspiration haha~

Vintage Pretz!


Pocky box that I impulsively bought + my face :))

The tour lasted for 2 hours only so we decided to have our early lunch at my favorite restaurant, Royal Host. <3


Super yummy ;_:


Chisa with Iida-san’s super cute daughter!! So chubbbbbbbby!!!


All the stuff I got + bought~

One of these will be for the big January giveaway, hihi! :3

Shimamura Finds

After the Glico tour and lunch, there was a nearby Shimamura store~! This is my favorite ladies’ fashion shop because they offer super cheap yet fashionable clothes! 🙂

Winter fashion ~ me likey!


Fluffy and warm room wear booties!


Creepers you can purchase for 2,500 and below!



Wish I had many bedrooms I could decorate with all these squishy pillows~

Spot Chopper’s hat! :)))


My coordinate using Pocky’s colors, haha~




And then there was a nearby recycle shop / second-hand store…

I discovered that cute oversized cinnamoroll bag for only 300 yen I think *_*


This small hello kitty bag matches well with my coordinate! Haha 😛


It was like a “family day” because we went to many places (it felt like we were on a fieldtrip haha)

That’s my brother and his little one, Chisa~!!


When I’m with Chisa… she makes this funny faces! Haha, cho kawaii jyanaii?

Bonsai Art Museum my brother was crazy about. 😀


ZEN and wabi sabi~


I was really not into Bonsai art before but upon coming there and seeing how beautiful the mini cherry blossom tree photos.. I went *_*

:O :O

Make your own  bonsai out of origami cranes.. such a creative idea and inexpensive one, hehe 😛



Maybe everything in this area costs around 100 million yen or something *_*

Found these flyers about Saitama~

Wish I can go to the Doll museum next time! 😀


For some reason, this entry felt like a paid advertisement for my city, Saitama.. haha! 😀

Hopefully you guys enjoyed the photospam as much as I enjoyed arranging everything ^^v


14 thoughts on “Visiting Glicopia East the Holy POCKY land + Shimamura Cuteness + Bonsai Art Museum in Saitama

  1. grabeeee glicoooo…… sarap ma lock sa loob nung factory whhahaha sheeet di ko akalain na ganon na katanda ang glico :))

    cute ng ootd mo <3 para kang school girl :heart: :heart: :heart:

  2. glico factory :yay:
    I’ve been wanting to visit that!!!!
    AWESOME NINJA SKILLS!!! mind teaching me some :yay:
    AWESOME oldie Vending Machine 🙂 sana meron paren nyan :333:
    I’m a Fan of Pretz! I tried Pretz Pizza flavor and its was sooooooooo good :star:
    I aksi envy the kids 😥 making deco pocky :yay: hope I can make some someday :))
    Kitty X Pocky :yay:
    Pocky Ballons :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    Super Kawaii Tattoo Tights!!!! I already made two tattoo tights and I really wanted to make some more @_@
    Toni-toni chopper tattoo tights!!! :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I really wanted to have your pocky printed bow so much!!! :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I want the backpack with the furry white cat so much!! so Kawaii
    Chisa-Chan Kawaii!!!
    :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart: :heart:
    I’m a Fan of Bonsai because I love the structures of the pretty small trees. bonsaia are expensive 😥

  3. It’s making me so happy you don’t look freezing even though it’s winter…
    I’m visiting Tokyo in 2 weeks so fingers crossed for some more of that sunny weather!!
    btw your blog is just about the best thing ever to get excited for my trip with! So many good posts!!! I love it so much! :heart:

  4. Wow Pocky-Factory FTW! :yay:
    Oh my god, this fluffy Rilakkuma…jacket? No it’s not a jacket but I don’t know how to say in english :tss: Whatever I love love love this “jacket” :heart: :heart: I want it :ohnoes: *have to wait until september*
    When I’m in Tokyo for the exchange (I hope I’ll be in Tokyo or nearby) I’ll definitely buy as much as I can 😎 :yehey:

    And those tattoo tights are the best of the best :love: I want those with chopper :heart: :heart:
    The bonsai garden looks really beautiful :blush3: So japanese :yehey: I love traditional japanese looking gardens and temples and so on :heart:

  5. I am thinking of bringing my kids there next week, but they are 3, 2 and 10 months old. Do you think it is suited to children so small? Thank you for time and consideration.

  6. Looks like you had an amazing day. Wow! The Pocky factory! I’m so jealous! Lol. I will have to add it to my bucket list. Thanks for giving me more ideas for things to do on our next trip to Japan. 🙂


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