We Need Your Help

As many of you probably know, Philippines (my home) got hit by a destructive super typhoon called Haiyan / Yolanda.

I don’t know how else to describe the situation of my fellow brothers and sisters in Tacloban City but.. it’s like the Fukushima / Tsunami tragedy that Japan experienced last 2011. 🙁

If you google the images of the aftermath.. prepare to be teary-eyed. 🙁

To my non-Filipino readers, I’m pretty sure that once in your life, you have encountered or met a Filipino already (honestly, I feel like we are everywhere because of overseas work). If you get to know one, you would observe / realize / notice the remarkable resiliency of a Filipino. Living abroad for years as an OFW (overseas Filipino worker), this Filipino trait has been my tool / secret weapon to survive a different life.. away from my family and friends left here.

This is why I am confident to say that for every storm that will come to us (I just pray and hope that there will be no more)..

I know that it will never wash away our fighting spirit. We are fighters and survivors.

. . . . . .

How to help? Click here for all the information.

I hope you can all spare some time and donate a little something for the victims of this tragic storm.

Many thank you’s and salamat po from the bottom of my heart,


2 thoughts on “We Need Your Help

  1. I’ve been so shocked hearin/seeingg it all but I’m glad to know the Filipino fighting spirit is strong 🙂 The whole country is in my prayers 🙂

  2. Kaila, we used to comment to eachother quite often, then we both went off to college and that just kind of ended. You may not remember because it was so long ago. Anyway, when I first saw the images of the aftermath, I was heartbroken. I immediately thought of you and your family and wondered if everything was okay, though I know you are now in Japan.

    Keeping everyone in my prayers, Kai!!


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