What Living In Japan Has Taught Me 🌸

7 years ago, my ultimate dream came true. 


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I call it my cherry blossom dream. Thanks to my hardworking brother, I was able to start a new life as a Japanese language student here in Japan. I repaid his love by working with him in growing his company where I was able to do a wide scope of work from packing fragile Japanese antiques, to setting up an online store as the number one source of vintage souvenir jackets. It was a crazy type of additional schooling, lol. Still grateful for the craziness.


As I started my journey, I relaunched my passion for sharing creative content and blogging. I blogged about my simple life and fascination over kawaii culture. I met many people. I also said goodbye to many people. They also said goodbye to me. I moved on and eventually became ready to open new doors too. Experience is the best teacher as they say.


I went through a lot of phases. I had many achievements. I also had an equal share of setbacks. Yin and yang. I went through depression. That rock bottom served as my solid foundation that helped me find my purpose in life. I realized that I’m only alive for less than 10 decades, what the hell am I complaining about?



During my stay here as a struggling Filipina, I experienced the both ends of the spectrum of life. Highs and lows, remarkable and embarrassing, …. fantastic and worst. And here are some learnings I want to share.


🌸 7 years in Japan. 7 big learnings. 🌸

日本での7年間。 7つの大きな学び。

1. Your dream, your problem. Take responsibility. 


You are not who you were before. You are not the traumatic childhood that you had. You are wide-eyed you before the world told you what you needed to. Everyday is an opportunity. Baby steps become leaps over time. Dreams are hard, that is given. If you think you can’t or can, you are right. The power to change your life is within your control. Act on it.


2. You are always growing. Growing is sometimes painful, and it’s okay.


You’re not the same person from years ago & hopefully that’s a good thing (self-improvement is the goal). Cry if you must, but at some point, you have to stop and get focused again. Adulting never gets easier for us and it’s just gonna get worse. And you’re gonna get better, for sure.


3. Failure is only failure when you don’t learn.


If you tried and it didn’t work but you learned from that experience, you gained gold. Try again. Be stubborn with your dreams but be flexible with your methods (quote from somewhere).


4. Save your mental energy from negativity and create your own positive environment.


Don’t give an f if somebody tries to belittle your efforts in finding internal happiness through the things that you love. Instead, inspire others by embracing your true colorful self.


5. Be appreciative of the totality (good and bad) and complain less.


You’re more than blessed. Look beyond what you are presently feeling. You are alive, there’s gonna be a new day tomorrow, it’s not the end of the world.


Never knew I could appreciate Jollibee this much lol

6. Don’t feel entitled. Be humble and try your best to understand where people’s behavior is based from & embrace the cultural differences.


It’s your choice to come and stay here and you have to have that accepting heart this is how people live. Accept the dark side, like the same way you’re fascinated about the convenient and efficient way of life here. Instead of criticizing, why not become a ripple of positive influence? There is no perfect world, even if you live in a first-world country like Japan. Love the country unconditionally.


7. Time is precious and gold. People come and go.


You won’t stay at the same place forever. Appreciate their presence because you will miss them in their absence.



How about you? Have you lived in another country / place? What has living in another place taught you? : )

And lastly, special thanks to Aki for translating my blog entry! ^^

Thanks for reading my reflection paper! You can watch the video version here.

<3, カイラ

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  1. I’ve read a lot of your posts today and really enjoyed them. I’ve been in Japan for a year and a half and have found it to be very challenging. I know the challenges will be worthwhile but can be so confusing and difficult! Reading this post and others was very inspiring for me. Thank you for your honesty and creativity 💖🌈🗻


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