Where To Rent Kimono In Tokyo ? + Sakura Hobonichi! ?

Hi everyone!

Finally had some time to blog about this~! I’m so happy, yaaaay!

If you haven’t watched it yet, I uploaded this Hobonichi With Me video last week I think.

Hobonichi With Me | Tokyo Kimono Rental + Sakura x Starbucks Japan ? ?

If you are visiting Tokyo this sakura season and you’re interested in renting a kimono, I found a great kimono rental shop that you might want to check out. I discovered this on my own while asking google for help so.. to those who are wondering, this is not a sponsored post. Haha!

Before I write about my experience, let me share these photos of the matcha parfait from Denny’s before Lirei & I went on a kimono date.


okay let’s move on now lol

I booked through their website to reserve the day before. I’m not really sure if walk-in visits are allowed but I think that the shop gets really busy so it’s best to reserve online so you can get your preferred time.

My friend and I availed the Standard Kimono Plan and Standard Hairdo.

Standard Kimono Plan = 3500 -> 2900 (discounted)

Standard Hairdo = 900

All in all, Lirei & I just paid 3800 JPY each. What a reasonable price for an excellent service! I suggest that you also try getting your hair professionally done. : )

If you buy a kimono set and all, it costs a LOT so renting is always the more affordable option. 😉

(though I’d love to own my own kimono set one day, haha. gambarimasu lol)

Kyoto Kimono Rental Wargo Access Guide (Tokyo Sensoji Branch)

They also have photography services and other cool stuff so just roam around their website for more info 🙂

If you are going to Kyoto too, they have many kimono rental shops available. I haven’t tried their services in Kyoto yet though.

Time to pick ~

I chose a sakura pattern because.. Spring is coming haha

To be honest, it was really freezing that day.

Conceal don’t feel lol

This kimono set really looks GREAT on my Lirei!

Since their flight back to Manila will be in a few hours, we just walked around Asakusa for about an hour.

I also felt like a tourist, haha!

This friendship is gold!

Babes and Me

(Wee still fondly call each other babes after these many years! Lirei’s a HS classmate and she was my seatmate haha)

Thanks for the wonderful experience! Will definitely be back! I can’t wait to let my mom and dad try kimono here during their vacation soon ~!



Let me know if you’ve tried my recommendation! I’ll try to post more Tokyo travel activity suggestions for Spring soon! 😉



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  1. Thank you for the recommendation and advice. I’m going to Japan next week with a friend and we’ve been trying to look for a nice kimono rental shop. We might check this store out! Hoping to do it in Kyoto and Tokyo. Lovely blog btw. ❤


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