“FUN”tasy Halloween Night by Harajuku Fashion Walk

Last night’s Halloween Party was pretty crazy for me! I hate how Google Maps navigated another place.. and brought me to a quiet and posh place called, Daikanyama. The Halloween event was just somewhere around the corner where Shibuya station’s Hachiko Exit is : |

Anyway, I’m cooking something for Tokyo Fashion again and I hope it’ll turn out great! I love how I can say “I’m cooking..” when it’s just figuratively. At least, I know how to “cook” other stuff besides the literal meaning! HAHA /frustrated at cooking

The place was so packed! I love how the gals dressed up for halloween!

Last photo before I got freaking lost by my own navigator : |

It’s my first “grown-up” Halloween party ever! I used to be one of those excited kids(long long long time ago) in our village during Halloween season!

Refreshing feeling, really.

This is Ate Claire with Kuma Miki!! The arranger of this event. She also came from Bunka Fashion College! Her style is <333333

Accessories by Broken Doll (which is also a band)

There are HUNDREDS of events everywhere in Tokyo everyday. These are just some of the flyers you can see almost everywhere as well.

Cute pumpkin girls with little devils. Look how packed it was!

They were so adorable!!!

SO CUTE!!!!!!  :heart:

A broken doll smiling is just weird.

Awesome people with awesome fashion style.

Free treats for everyone!

Tita Elsa also brought her friend  from US with her who went here for a vacation. Makes me miss my mommy!

Shakey’s group dancing a cute number..

I was shooting the half of the event with my fisheye (because it’s not heavy and everyone could be seen!).. so I decided to use my prime instead for the last performance.


I love his whole outfit! Too harajuku and he also manages a co-fashion brand called Broken Doll.

My first attempt with concert photography and as you can see, I was amused with the backlighting.. haha

Kumamiki’s adorable costume!! Cute and in some way, minimalistic!

Love the numbers! Crazy but awesome. You guys should start tallying how many times I used those two adjectives in this post so far… hahaha.

Watch out for my event coverage to be publicized at Tokyo Fashion’s facebook / tumblr!! I’ve fallen in love with basic video editing, haha!

Rainbowholic as Broken Doll…


I seriously went all the way from Saitama to Shibuya with this make-up one. Actually, I was OK with the cute “doll effect”but I thought that I should try something different from my usual style!


Outfit is still cute but it’s Halloween so spookiness is excused!

(my picture of me getting lost in Daikanyama hoping to find the freaking Milkyway Shibuya event place–> which is at the other side of the world)


Wore Japonista Sole‘s Highcut Ninja Jika Tabi + COBWEB stockings..

They gave me a set of business cards!!!! /cry

HIGHLIGHT OF MY NIGHT (besides being in company with the team): NEW OUTFIT FOR MY BLYTHE, KUMIKO!!!!!!

I can’t wait to have a photoshoot with her while wearing my lolita dress!!! OMG THANK YOU TOKYO FASHION for my Blythe’s new clothes!!!


SO… How was your halloween?


4 thoughts on ““FUN”tasy Halloween Night by Harajuku Fashion Walk

  1. (I was supposed to comment kanina pa while using my iTouch pero idk biglang nagcrash and yeah ;____; OTL)

    Awesome the party looks so awesome. *___* And lol ate you look so cute~~ I like your costume. ^^

    NEW BLYTHE OUTFIT~ :heart: It looks very cute!! :loveheart:

  2. Such nice costumes for Halloween! Loved the photos you took of the Broken Doll performance(s)! The lighting made it even more beautiful :nod:


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