A Lovely Snow Surprise in Saitama

Today, I woke up to a surprise snow fall.

Here are some photos I took when I braved the cold weather outside early in the morning! 🙂

DSCF4060 saitama snow 2016 winter

Snow Totoro out in the snow, hehe! Been waiting for this day since I discovered this new Totoro creature!

DSCF4051 saitama snow 2016 winter


View from the top of our apartment (アパート).

DSCF4063 saitama snow 2016 winter

Perfect excuse to use my red boots!

DSCF4065 saitama snow 2016 winter

DSCF4057 saitama snow 2016 winter

DSCF4055 saitama snow 2016 winter

Might as well enjoy the snow before it becomes a hassle for everybody! 😀

DSCF4066 saitama snow 2016 winter



DSCF4058 saitama snow 2016 winter

DSCF4050 saitama snow 2016 winter


DSCF4053 saitama snow 2016 winter

If only it wasn’t that cold (my fingers were frozen ;_;), I would’ve gone farther! :))

I really have huge respect for people who can live with the snow everyday! I can’t imagine myself living in a very, very cold place!


… and the sun was out. <3

Thank you nature for today’s snow!

Love, カイラ

2 thoughts on “A Lovely Snow Surprise in Saitama

  1. How beautiful everything looks in the snow! *_* Makes me long to be in Japan right now!! I don’t think i’ve ever said this before,But I love those japanese train pictures you take! I love trains they’re so cute and japanese trains just have something..nostalgic about it idk lol <3

  2. Hi Asmitha-chan! Wow, yay!! Thanks for appreciating the Japanese train photos that I take! I agree with you, they somehow make you feel very nostalgic. Can’t describe well, but that’s the feeling, haha!


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