Amsterdam Photo Diary

I originally wanted to post about my Amsterdam / Hanazuki trip in sequence (Day 1, Day 2, etc.) but some unfortunate things happened to me recently. And this is why I figured I should post this special photo diary entry first (the other photos were stored in my iMac at home and  I’m unable obtain those..).  I’m currently blogging like a boss here in my hospital room…. :O :O


Amsterdam was so easy to fall in love with. The buildings, canals, parked bikes, trams… for some reason, it reminded me of Disney Sea! Just watch out for the bike riders, they just don’t stop. @_@ Almost got hit because of my groggy state / sleepy self.. but other than that, my city experience was quite memorable!!   :star:

Cheese and more cheese…!

Colorful wooden clogs

Rainbow-colored tulips!

Beautiful architecture..


Oh, the irony.

I love the creative rebel spirit of this city.

Tulips in all forms!

I wish I had Netherlands’ flowers  in my future garden.

Postcards, postcards <3


So comical, haha~

Bedroom clogs.. the cutest!

Cutest houses~


: ))))

Hello Titty trololololol

And wow =))

Plain wooden clogs

The random things you see =))

There was a man driving this mini rocket-like car!



10 thoughts on “Amsterdam Photo Diary

  1. Wow, I haven’t been to Amsterdam in years. These pictures bring back a lot of good memories! I really want the room-wear clogs and the tulip umbrella. Hope you feel better soon, don’t work too hard!

  2. waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I’m falling for AMSTERDAM :loveheart:
    the Beautiful architectures and sceneries 😀
    this well be a perfect inspiration for me for my college course, ARCHITECTURAL DESIGN :yay:
    I’ve seen sooooooooo many clogs and tulips here :cheer:
    soooooooo kawaii!!! tiny houses 😀
    they really have cool windows that look like doors to me @_@
    A man riding a cute rocket car, THATS AWESOME :yay:

  3. :nod: I feel like they know which demographic to target. I laughed so hard at the shirts and the friggin POT COOKIES AND CHAPSTICK. Daaaang son

    All the photos are super lovely. The graffiti really adds to the charm of the place..I’d love to go

  4. Wow I didn’t know you’ve been to Amsterdam before :heart: :heart:

    Now I’m super tempted to go there for Animecon as well >.<

    With love,


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