An Afternoon in Ginza + Apple Store + World’s Largest UNIQLO store

Yesterday, my brother + his wife and I went to Ginza to get our Macbooks checked! Unfortunately, my brother’s Macbook Air’s keyboard started working funny when I went back to Philippines weeks ago (main reason why I couldn’t blog as much as I wanted to). We were scared because it was rarely used (only for presentations) + it was bought around November last year.. good thing my brother bought Apple Care for the warranty.

My 2 yr. old Macbook Pro’s sd slot stopped working months and months ago (such a hassle for someone who always takes photos like me) so we also had it checked up. ;_; We’d have to pay 30,000 yen if we want to get it repaired but that’s too much for me so I’ll just buy an external card reader.. which probably costs 28,000 JPY less! That’s more practical, right?  :333:

Since we were in the area as well, we toured for a bit. Ever since I came back, my brother and I have been so busy with work / upcoming projects so it was a refreshing day for us just to chill around a bit.

Enjoy the photos  :star:

Saw Peko-chan waving at us so.. : ))


Peko and Poko!


Subtly harassing a cherubim… : ))

Hello Kitty HATO BUS!


Apple Store, Ginza

Hello, Apple!

Everything is just so sleek! First time to enter an Apple Store BUILDING :O

They also offer free tutorials for using iPad, iPhone, etc.. : )

Apple-style everywhere!  😎

After the free consultation, we went to KFC to eat.

Cakes displayed outside ;___;

Ginza vibe

COROCORO WAFFLE y u expensive…

Saw a FUJIYA restaurant around the corner as well.. it was my second time! : )

Read my entry when I first met Peko!

Their shortcake is a MUST-TRY!!!



Yummy desserts/snacks to keep us awake!



Posh Tokyo..

Forever 21 Ginza-style..

… and WOW.

When I got to visit Ginza for the first time, this wasn’t there yet.


Too my surprise… : ))


Mommy in the making! : ))

12 floors.. @_@

Tired from all the walking : ))

Told ya~


Someday, CINTIQ!

After that, we went to Akihabara because my brother wanted to check out the toys there.

Went to Yodobashi camera and was totally blown by Wacom’s CINTIQ!

247,000 JPY!!!

A smaller and cuter version… : )

Surprised to see something like this! Real paper :O

Gashapon corner..

This place is very photoshoot-able hahaha


Yummy hotdog sandwich for Ate Claire


I truly enjoyed my Maple Whip!

What diet? : )))  :happy:

On our way home, we saw a kid carrying a winged backpack as well : )))

Must be my lost little sister, hahaha~


7 thoughts on “An Afternoon in Ginza + Apple Store + World’s Largest UNIQLO store

  1. OMG THOSE DESSERTS :cute2: :heart: :heart:
    Have you been to Ginza on a Sunday when they close off the streets and you can walk where the cars usualy are? 🙂

  2. Nikon house 😀
    wish that would be my graduation gift in HS
    I want to taste peko chan’s treats *drolls*
    wah lots of clothes and rilakuma chocolate :3

  3. Omg ate why are you harassing the cherubim… /brb judging you/ Ok it was a bad idea to lurk through your blog at 2AM with a somewhat empty stomach ;_____; And omg UNIQLO~ *A* Oh and I’m adding Gashapon to the “places-to-go-with-Ate-Kaila-once-I’m-finally-in-Japan” list ^_____^ :heart:

  4. Ok. Everything in here made my eyes POP!! Especially the UNIQLO store, the cute pastries, and the Wacom tablets. Gosh I want to go to Japan for like a month to just explore and buy all the awesome things! But first, must win the lottery. HAHAHA! :sweatdrop:


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