Artsy Glam Photography by Kaila

A few weeks ago, I got invited by one of Rainbowholic’s lollipop afro girls, JL姉ちゃん for a glam-style photography workshop by a Filipino photographer living in Japan, Sir Nonoy Figueroa.  :yay:

Actually, I just named or quoted the photography workshop to be “glam-style” because our mentor’s signature touch is like this. Hehe~ He taught us many helpful editing tricks that I didn’t know before. After the fun workshop, I realized that it’s really time for me to upgrade my own skills! *_*


Photography is one of my old hobbies and I started this hobby when I was 16 (which just feels like last year *_*), when I discovered my older brother’s Nikon film camera during my last year in highschool. I got my first second-hand dslr (it wasn’t popular among teens by then) on my freshman year in college & had plentiful adventures with it! Nikon D70, you are still remembered even though you’ve betrayed my memory cards for many times.. :))

Anywayyyy.. to those who are wondering, I used my Nikon D90 here. : )


One could say that my photography style is actually more artsy than the glam-type. I love blurred backgrounds, spontaneous shots, weirdly angled photos (haha)…  so merging both kinds feels really refreshing for me!  :blush:

( Oh by the way, I photographed two of my lovely friends before as well… want to check out Shoro and Dawa‘s photosets..? ^^ )

Enjoy the photos~ 皆さん!

Dolls and Frills


Wrong Impressions


Silver and Blue




While every participant was glued on the model.. I took time to take some snaps of the unnoticeable moments.

It was freezing cold.

Hope you enjoyed my photos.

My aim is always to make my reader / viewer feel that she/he is with me during the course of the photography sessions. Hehe ^^


4 thoughts on “Artsy Glam Photography by Kaila

  1. :cheer: Awesome photos! My favourite one is the one with the fairy girl painted on the side of the building. Great work! :yay:

  2. I always love looking at your photos. They’re always so colorful and interesting, you do a great job with them! :star:


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