Baggy Shorts and Winged Flats

Last Wednesday, my brother toured me around Shibuya and Harajuku! It’s amazing how he’s familiar with every place. Too bad I forgot to take a photo of the Hachiko monument when we got off the train.

Thank you “golden week” (national holiday) for giving me days off from school. Honestly, I think I need more weeks to enjoy Japan.. but my schooling is a bit rushed so I have no choice but to make the most of my weekend / national holidays.

People were everywhere! I love how the Japanese always make effort in dressing up, even if they’re just going outside.


I have to work on my awkward poses. I’m always like, “Gooo take the photos fast, people are looking at me!”



Adidas store in Shibuya. So sad to hear that my winged jacket was unavailable!!!

OMG DIES. there goes my schoolgirl shoes.. being neglected.


Stalking view from the 2nd floor of a kebab’s restaurant.

“Pop Melon” Pepsi and Kebab rice..

Mine : )

There was a man who was attempting to get the crowd’s attention through his dancing..

Was a bit of a fail though.. he left after 10 minutes of trying.

Posh cars were just parked like this.

Stopped by H&M but didn’t buy anything. IDK but I’m not into brands. Funny how in the Philippines, Forever21 is like one of the biggest shops (probably competing against Zara?).. but here in Japan, the Japanese find it similar to a department store.

Interesting alley with grungy walls.


Hiphop baggy shorts, ye?

“There’s a car behind!”


Hello chubby cheeky kaila, you’ll be slimmer in 3 weeks time!

Bigbang brother.

Happy children’s day! (Boys festival)

My org in the Philippines would like this as their tambayan place! Hello, AdCreate Society!

Hello messy curls.

Vivienne Westwood.. where you?

Interesting architecture!

Wedding church

Cuties! Typo though..

Owner also left his belongings inside. Wow, Japan.


Hello Arashi! I must come to one of your concerts!

LOL at my legs

Happy girl who just got her winged flats and Melissa electric blue heels!

Design festa homebase.


See you next week!

Loving the creative vibe all over the place!

Someday! I’ll have of these in my mansion. Haha!





And my purchases were.. (I am a spoiled sister, eh?)

So nautical! LOVE IT!!


Pretty rings I bought in a lolita store.

I love keys, too! : )

Watch present from my parents.. when I was still in the Philippines : )

I love cute bows and I cannot lie


Hope you enjoyed this lengthy photo blog! I’ll be posting another one right after I publish this~

Ja mata ato de!

3 thoughts on “Baggy Shorts and Winged Flats

  1. I see Hey!Say!Jump, 2PM, Big Bang and Arashi~ :’D It must be so nice there~ @w@ But are the stuff expensive there? :)) Waaaant your wings shoes and watch. ;__; lol! The places you went to are so colorful~ *w* And the stuff you bought are supa :kawaii: ~ :heart:

    And I just noticed that almost anything you wear would be called fashionable. XD Like wearing a pair of pajamas around Tokyo, most of the people there would just ignore you lol!

    What’s the title of Track 1, btw? :3 I like it heehee~ :cute:


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