Kaila’s Junie Moon Experience

Disclaimer: These were all voluntarily written by yours truly. This was not paid or any of that sort. The things you do for the things you love <3

When I first bought my Dolly magazine at Bunka’s bookshop, I soon became interested to dolls (particularly, Blythe). I researched about it a bit through google and found out about Junie Moon and its actual shop near Shibuya.  I thought of going before, but I knew I’d just make myself depressed at looking at those dolls I could not have. But now, I have Kumiko with me (and still recovering at the price I bought it for) so you could say, I can already go and visit the shop without having depressing thoughts, haha!

One random day, I just posted a question on Junie Moon English‘s facebook wall regarding its opening and closing hours. Then I realized, if I were to go anyway.. I should also take photos! And I could already imagine how pretty the Junie Moon shop will be in real life, basing from their cute websites. I knew that taking photographs would require getting a permission, so I humbly asked if I could (just so I could post those here and share my Junie Moon experience with my readers who are silent readers.. ahaha). And so I was informed to email this certain person. Thank you so much Angel-san and Junie Moon staffers for accommodating the little me~! I was so surprised that this was also considered as having a press person feature your shop (hence, the press id I posted on my previous entry). It was such a privilege for a blogger like me!

Going there wasn’t easy. It was my first time in Daikanyama. The weather in Japan has been unpredictable lately.. it rains, then it gets super hot, and the humidity is making me cranky. As expected, I got lost during my “journey” to Junie Moon. If you got the joke, don’t judge my corny humor, hahaha.

If you’re planning to visit this lovely shop, this page will be your savior. I followed the Daikanyama route. You just have to walk far and cross many (and mini) pedestrian lanes.

When I got inside the shop, I immediately introduced myself as Kaira, the one who emailed Angel-san regarding taking photos. The girls were kind~! They let me take photos of the dolls freely.. and before I realized it, I was having my own world. Haha!

First photo I took in the shop. SO LITTLE!

Gorgeous eyes

This certain doll reminds me of Katy Perry.

Hello Dolls

I suck at braiding dolls’ hair.. : ( I tried it a couple of times.. and I gave up! Haha

Good thing there were freebies! If there weren’t, I would have left the store empty-handed. Haha!

Doll’s hair on the left most <3

Cute bobs!

Actually, the dolls are not on sale. Only the dresses! Around 1k yen or so~

Beautiful hairrrrrrr

Omg how did they do that @_@

(haven’t experimented with Kumiko’s head..)

Everyone’s so fashionable! Reminds me of Harajuku : )

My doll needs this! Haha

Milk & Honey!

Blythe graphic art is awesome! Very inspirational

They also have cups waaahh

Blue hair I’d like to try someday.. in my dreams. Haha

Such a cutieeee! Only for 3,000 yen or so ~

I wanted to steal these.. Haha

Blythe dolls in boxes are.. creepy.

Kumiko’s twin

AHHHHHHHH bagsssss

I love this shot <3

Pretty Yukata <3 I Hope I could sew something like this, too!

Stuff designed by Jeffrey Fulvimari

Pupils, lol

Every corner is just.. breathtaking. Worth a visit even if you don’t plan to buy anything!


Miss Mischievous

Awesome hair. I wonder how they style those @_@

Magical, magical place. I forgot all my worries here : )

They have so many dolls! You need hours to be able to analyze all the dolls~!

My favorite photo <3


Look at those details..

I wanted to take everyone home… : (

Awesome graphic stuff

And toothbrushes

And face oil removers

Bye bye… : (

Would you like a tour?

I made a “tour” video. Music by my brother’s old band (found it randomly in iTunes). Didn’t want any copyright complications so I had to use what I can legally show off to the world (especially this is related to a company). ^^



Watch in HD for pure eye candy!


Sharing my love for Blythe + my Junie Moon admiration to others,


15 thoughts on “Kaila’s Junie Moon Experience

  1. Whats the average size of a blythe doll? Grabe.. This is like a softer version of barbie :loveheart:

  2. What a wonderful experience! I’ve been collecting peoples’ photos of Junie Moon for many years now, but it’s always difficult getting ahold of them since so few people are given access to the shop for photography. So browsing your blog post was a real treat! My personal Mecca is going to Junie Moon. Maybe someday… <3 I'd have to sell some of my dollies to go to Japan (and so I can spend money on all the cute stuff, tee hee).

    I think the MSR with the long hot pink hair was my favorite Blythe in the store. She's so lovely!

    I'm so happy you had a good time. ^___^ You lived the dream I've had for many years!

  3. @Anne:, I think isang ruler siya. Not so sure! Haha. Yup, it’s definitely a softer version of Barbie :heart: :kawaii:

    @Lauren: Hello! It was indeed a wonderful experience. If you’re gonna go visit Junie Moon, I can accompany you : ) Btw your blog is too cute :yay:

  4. Ive been lucky enough to take photos there too, with some of the lovely ladies that work there and my own Blythes.

    The best part is the WIGS! WIGS WIGS WIGS! So many, all beautiful.

    I see they have much more stock this time around! Last time I was there (last year) they were very low on outfits/dresses 🙁

  5. loved your photos! Isn’t Angel-san kind & thoughtful??? I hope to meet a friend from Australia in Japan this next year & off to Junie Moon we will go! ^_^ Thank you for sharing!

  6. (Weird…I remember commenting here as soon as you posted it. .____.)

    Anyways, so awesome!! I would love to go there if ever I’ll go to Japan heehee~ @w@ Pretty dolls and clothes I wish can fit me. ;____; XDD

  7. @Natalie: Yes, the wigs are all incredible! Everything was such an eye candy! Hehe :cute:

    @Rhubs: Angel-san is very kind and thoughtful! No problem : )

    @Celinie: Really? There must be a bug in my website @_@ ME TOO! Sana nga totoong damit na lang e, haha! You’ll be able to come here don’t worry. Ate will bring you to Junie Moon, haha!


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