Bunny Rainbowholic for Easter + Love and Sakura in Saitama!


Bunny and Rainbowholic  :heart:

Today’s coordinate was accidental! If you’re reading my blog since last year, you’d be familiar with everything I’ve worn here! : )

Just baptized my Haru (spring) platforms with my bunny-inspired look!


Purple bunny accent from a Rainbowholic reader, Janice-san! <3

Who would have thought using a neighbor’s accessible garden would be a great place to have a mini look shoot? Haha~!

Hard-boiled eggs courtesy of my brother’s girlfriend, Ate Claire~! Arigatou ^^v  :heart:


Camwhoring (with the eggs?) while waiting…

Our first hanami stop was at Kita Urawa park. Unfortunately, there was only one (but very distinct) Sakura tree that was on full bloom mode!


Took lots of photos and proceeded to our next stop.

We went to the Sakura lane near Musashi Urawa station!

Was greeted by Yatai (food stalls)! Super had a great time just walking around with Sakura trees hovering over us…


Tooks tons of couple photos for their pre-nup (the whole point of this sakura-hunting trip, haha)

Tomorrow will be a crazier day!!

Messy-haired Kaila.

Totally rocking this spring platforms!


I’m sorry dearest reader but this entry will get more narcissistic and narcissistic as you scroll down…

(can’t reveal pre-nup photos on my blog so no choice but to post mine, haha)



This day couldn’t get more beautiful that it already was…


Potatoes and lots of buttttter @____@



Someday, me and Carlo ^^v

I’m sorry for making you feel hungry..


…. And I did it.



Children at heart <3


Left: Ate Claire posing gracefully with random cute dogs..

Right: Wtf is that pose

Thank you for the wonderful time~ <3  :hug:


A Place Like No Other

And then my brother brought us to here.

It felt like I was in anime or something TT_TT

Going for the first time here gave me shivers. It really felt like I was starring in an anime show or something  🙂


More bunny randomness


Happy days..

*flawlessly posing for the camera*


while me….



Bunny lost in a flower paradiso.



Told ya, this post is all about me and my bunnyness : )))  :tsk:

Easter-egg hunting~! Hahaha!


Grass and Bunny Rainbowholic


Love and Sakura is the best combination  :heart:

Thanks for scrolling down to get here!


8 thoughts on “Bunny Rainbowholic for Easter + Love and Sakura in Saitama!

  1. Ang cute mo, ate. :(( :heart: All of the things in this post is in my to-do list. (Kasama yung “hug a sakura tree”!!) And the jump photo that focuses on only your shoes reminds me of CCS!! :heart:


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