Cute Things From Japan Stationery Store in Tokyo! ✂️

Hi all!

Today, I will be introducing to you a newly-opened stationery store in Ota-ku, Tokyo. If you’re a fan of Japanese stationery, you probably already know their online shop over at! ^^

Watch the video tour here ~

Oh so cutee!


Cute Things from Japan


2-8-5-101 Shimomaruko

Ota-ku Tokyo 146-0092


Kodomo no Kao stamps + stamps I don’t see at LoFT / Tokyu Hands ~

How is your heart so far? Lol

We spot Sakuralalala!

A Helpful Guide About Where To Buy Stationery In Japan


Time to binge-watch all the videos.. haha


🌸 Tokyu Hands Ikebukuro 🌸

🌸 LoFT Seibu Ikebukuro 🌸

🌸 LoFT Ueno (Parco) 🌸

🌸 Daiso 100 Yen 🌸

🌸 Wrapple Shibuya 🌸

🌸 Tokyo Stationery Tour 🌸

🌸 Yamada Stationery Stor 🌸

🌸 Tokyo Disneyland Stationery Store 🌸

🌸 BUMPODO Art & Stationery Store 🌸

Possibly my favorite corner!

They have an area where you can try the washi tapes / stamps!

Of course, before trying out everything, please buy first and support the shop haha.

They also have a guestbook for their visitors! I recommend leaving a note ^^

These crayons were all created using real fruits / vegetables! :O

My mini haul!

So surprised that Ayako-san prepared 5 goodie bags filled with stationery for my subscribers!! :O You guys should totally try your luck!!

Hope you guys enjoyed the mini update!

I will be posting another travel-related blog entry soon ~ Please watch out for it!

With love,


7 thoughts on “Cute Things From Japan Stationery Store in Tokyo! ✂️

  1. Thank you so much for the video tour, Kaila! You take us to all the best places. This one is a true gem 💎! I wish that teletransporters were invented!!! The family that runs the store seems so sweet too! I imagine that your own store will be like this one day!💕🌈

  2. Oh my gosh, so many cute things! Thank you so much for taking so many photos and a video of the place – it makes me feel like I’m there! I love your scrapbook in the video.

  3. 1. My favorite stationery is pen and notebooks. 2. Where I did find you’re the channel is by research in the youtube and I watched your video Toyko stationery tour: Sekaido Shinjuku. It became my interest to subscribe to your channel and some day or next future am planning to pay a visit to Japan. 3. I was born in Philipines and recently moved to Canada. I also watched your video journal with me memories in the Philippines.

  4. I love all these things….they are super cute especially the washing take..I never had washing tapes…😕

  5. All these things are so wonderful!!!I ♡ the washi tapes so much..I badly want washi tapes because they are pretty much so cute and I don’t have a single washi tape…I’m not very my parents won’t get me them when I ask..they’ll only get me after few weeks or months…you are totally words to express how good your are..thank you so much for updating these pics..please do update more..☺


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