Pancakes in Daikanyama & Tokyo Tower in Roppongi

Two days ago, my Korean friend Minjung and Chinese friend Shouro went out. Ever since summer vacation started, we didn’t meet once! Everyone had their own thing, haha.

Went to Daikanyama (where Junie Moon’s store is located). Minjung and I were into dolls but… different kind of dolls, lol.

Some photos were taken using my disposable film camera so.. I’m missing here. I looked harassed in the photos so I should save myself from embarrassment by not posting those anymore, hehe.

Didn’t bring my slr with me. Such a lazy day, haha

What I love about Daikanyma is the stores’ setup! You’d really want to bring a book and drink some coffee in cafes there.

Still has slr-like quality, don’t you think?

Our Snow White for that day with her new pair of wedges.

I really want to do a photoshoot with Shouro! Natural beauty, right?

I found a rainbow cake here 8D

Where we ate our pancakes : )

Minjung’s <3

My two pretty friends 8D

After our Daikanyama afternoon, we walked around for a bit. Spent the rest of the night at Roponggi and visited the Mori Art Museum.

Visited the Sky Tower where you could see the Tokyo Tower from an aquarium’s view!

Took crappy phone photos.. I’ll just wait for my film to be developed and I’ll post the photos up later. : )

That’s all from the adventurous me,


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