Day 2 in Netherlands + Hanazuki: Full of Treasures!

Phew~ Finally got to blog about my first official visit in Hanazuki‘s studio in Amsterdam! I remember being so excited this day because not I was about to meet Claire, Sonia, Christina and Kim! They’re so friendly even though I’m so shy >_<

To double the excitement, I was able to meet every person behind Hanazuki + people from Hasbro that morning!

I know, I should’ve saved the whole outfit for Paris (in my dreams) but can’t help to wear a European-style (with touch of cuteness) coordinate!

Love the tights? Don’t worry, this big legwear brand (for tights!) will launch soon too!!

View from my room.  :yay:

Woke up quite early so I took some photos around the area where my hotel was.. 😉

Brick walls and flowers… I love this city.

THISISAROBOT studios with HanaZUki, the moonflower  :333:

~excited to see all the treasures awaiting for us~

The studio was flowing with colors and awesomeness. I wish to have my own studio like this in the future!


Art and Fashion is the best combination!

Hanneke-san explains and introduces Hanazuki to all of us.

Sewing machines for the bloggers~

If you haven’t visited HanaZUki’s website yet, you should! I’m pretty sure you’ll be clicking every button there!

I was so amazed by Hanneke and Niko! Imagine, making a lifestyle brand in 5 years..? That’s a LOT of work and I admire them for that.

Seriously, so much RESPECT! ^^

I had goosebumps while turning the pages. Still in shock because I was chosen to be part of Hanazuki’s global brand launch!

All the plushies were materialized by Hanneke-san.


They were showing us the custom-made fabric that Hanazuki’s creator/artist Niko Stumpo made!

I love his art and style. I think it suits with Japanese fashion soooo well!

Goodies inside the container <3

“Keep on Dreaming” fabric perfect for a dreamer like me~ ;_;

I want this for a real yukata!


Caro of Sweet Streets LA (curator of My Little Pony project) kept me entertained as I was concentrating on my leggings~

Photo from Hanazuki’s Facebook page <3

After getting tips and learning from Hanneke-san, Caro and I toured around while searching for the world’s biggest Apple Store (?).

I went back to my room and rested for a bit before heading for a cheese-y dinner with everyone!

My body was so uncooperative! So sleepy because of jetlag. Wish I had tried out the chocolate cake! We got so full eating a half pizza + mozarella cheese :O


Amsterdam Photo Diary 2

These are some photos I took during my first morning in the city.

Fall + canals must be a heavenly scene right now!


My super nice hotel <3

They’re coming ~ eeepp!

There is something about signs that I don’t understand.. : ))


Lounge area in the hotel~


Food for lunch + formal introductions!


I can’t wait to share about Day 3 with Hanazuki!~


9 thoughts on “Day 2 in Netherlands + Hanazuki: Full of Treasures!

  1. waaaaaaaah 😀
    HanaZuki Studio is soooooooooo KAWAII :love:
    you’re so lucky to be chosen for the international lauching :yay:
    I want a fabric too 😥
    pabili nga me sa iyo ng cute fabrics when I already save up 😀
    can’t wait for your next photo diary entry 😀

  2. What a beautiful place Kaila! i wanna go T_T hahahaha its kind of near my country and we have some cheap flights from here! Cant wait to see the part 3!!

  3. I love all photos! :heart:

    I want to go to Paris someday :cute2:
    But Netherlands is an amazing place too :x:

    I can’t wait for part 3!

  4. Wow it is so beautiful there! I love all of your photos. I really want a studio like that someday, it’s so bright and colorful! Can’t wait for part 3! ^_^


  5. Oh it looks soooooooooo beautiful! If I still lived in Europe I would really want to visit them :starru: Anyway, you’re doing a great job with the promotion. I’m excited to see more! :yehey:

  6. OHMYGOD !! Christina ! AND Claire ! Being able to meet them is… Awwwwww T*T
    But please, i d’ont really understand one thing… You all were “invited” by the brand ? To a comercial event or something ? You are now partner or…?


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