7 thoughts on “Design Festa Vol. 34 in Photos

  1. :nod:
    Thanks so much for posting all those photos of the Design Festa! I always look forward to seeing photos and videos of this event. I would have spent so much money on art if I was there! Haha.

  2. I’ve wondered what Design Festa was like – thank you for all the shots. It looks like a cross between Christmas and Halloween/Venetian carnival! Really cool <3 !

  3. Whoaa this event looks so cool! Everyone looks awesome! I would have been so tempted to buy everything! It must have been tough to not buy anything.

  4. Dolls like this scares me O___o http://the.rainbowholic.me/px/111311/DSC_6654.JPG

    IDOL ko na sila!!!

    grabeeeeeeeeeeeeeee kaila… i want to go to this event also.. I hope some people here would have a magic bubble and realize to have something like this also here in the PH kahit sa WTCenter or SMX good to go na… pics palang inspiring na pano pa kaya kung harapan na.

  5. http://the.rainbowholic.me/px/111311/DSC_7039.JPG Such a pretty artwork *_____*

    I’d definitely go there once I’m in Japan hihi (sama ka, ate~~ 8D) I’d love to comment on every single photo you posted pero feel ko magmumukhang nobela na siya or smth sa haba =))))

    But, I love every single exhibit you showed and I’d really love to see more soon (and maybe in person na?)

    Thanks for the beautiful photos, ate! :heart:

  6. omg amazing fest!this fest happening every year? i wanna come and buy all !!!thnx for beautiful pics i want more more more 😀


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