Diptychs of Dawa


Photographer’s Notes

When Dawa first came to our class, together with Shouro and other classmates, I knew that I had to photograph her someday. Her fashion style is very edgy and otona-like (adult) and that’s her trademark. Aside from her high heels, of course.


I have been dreaming of having a little fashion shoot with rail tracks as the scenario (for some reason, I am fascinated with old trains!)… and I couldn’t be happier with my team, Dawa and Leen. This rather spontaneous shoot (in the sense that I only had “railtracks” as the background scenario, the outfit dress-ups were all up to Dawa with Leen’s suggestions) really challenged me for a week because I had to find the perfect location that I was envisioning in my mind, amidst all the kanji and JLPT N3 preparation. Actually the day before the shoot, I went to Ikebukuro, Tokyo just to search for locations. And then just on the day of the shoot itself when I was having a problem where to really shoot, I looked outside from the train and saw the perfect location in a matter of seconds! And Itabashi was the right place.


I have more to tell about how this crazy day went (we had like only a minute for each photograph session because the main train lines stations pass through the area quite frequently) on my next post~


2 thoughts on “Diptychs of Dawa

  1. so jealous! your pictures are gorgeous kai! i wish i could achieve the same effect. For some reason, i just can’t achieve it! 🙁 and it would be an honor to be shot by you. AYIE!


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