Disney Sea: Mo Ichido!

Before anything else, here’s a teaser for Rainbowholic x LittleMissPaintbrush collaboration! From her awesome tumblr.

Who would have thought a simple commish from her would turn into a great friendship and collaboration?

We call each other as twins now = )) (somebody asked from my formspring if we were sisters forreals.. we went -> :blush: )


P.S. I’m such an advertising student- everything has to have a teaser  :sigh:

One More Time (も一度)!

I had a yakusoku (promise) with Sabrina that we will go to Disney Sea together. I was too excited that I gave in to Shouro / Lily / Minjung’s disney sea invitation before! For yesterday’s Disney Sea adventure, I was with my Bunka friends!  :heart: It was such a blast that I was able to forget about my horrible kanji test (10000000% sure I failed it) last week. Indeed, a good day spent well with friends. Thank you mina-san!


I had such a hard time resizing all the photos (don’t ask why I like raping your scrollbars with my photospammed entries).. so just enjoy the photos! Load all images, sit back, relax, scroll down, and enjoy~! (copywriting fail)


3 thoughts on “Disney Sea: Mo Ichido!

  1. At first I was like.. “Oh! Such a short post~ =3=” Then I found out “pages” pala siya OMG =)))) The globe thingy.. Is that where you put your popcorn or smth? I bet you bought that for the rainbow strap… Loljk jk it looks so cute!!


    And yes, ate. It was visually awesome. 🙂 Can’t wait to go thereee~ ;____; (Omg namove siya instead of next year baka 2013 pa huhu ohwells)

  2. @celinie: okay lang yan, makakapag-date pa rin tayo dito! hahaha. i have a hidden lust over globes saka syempre, may rainbow strap = )))) you know me too well. HAHA

    thank you for appreciating my simple fashion = )) :hihihi: :heart: :yay: :cheer:


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