Doumyouji & Makino’s First Date at Ebisu Garden Place + Akiba Night Tour + Gachapon Paradise

We went to Ebisu yesterday. Fingers crossed for this huge break / project with Rainbowholic… >_< Cannot spill anything for now until everything’s ready or 100% sure. :cutee:


After our 2 hour meeting, we had some cold noodles in a Chinese fastfood in Ebisu..

Wore something colorful to contrast with the gloomy day. Everyone was wearing toned down colors..then there’s a walking rainbow like me : ))

My brother took us at Ebisu / Yebisu Garden Place…

Ride the huge escalator from EBISU JR station and you’ll encounter this SKY WALK.

There were some Japanese girls wearing yukata so I tried to ninjasnap them, haha!

Here’s a personified rainbow during a gloomy day of rain! : )))

Salary men all over Ebisu! This is the standard uniform for all company employees here in Japan.

I was a bit glad that it did rain yesterday because it felt so fitting & perfect!!

Does this place look familiar… Hana Yori Dango fans?

It’s where Doumyoji waited for Makino!!!! OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!


Love the European style buildings surrounding the mini park!

And we hurriedly went back …

That’s my sis-in-law with my brother.. and my future niece!!

Akihabara at Night

After our short Ebisu stay, we dropped by Akiba.

Akihabara / Akiba was rather enchanting when it was mid-afternoon to night time! I really love the neon lights all over this Electric town.

Akiba during a Friday afternoon.

Couldn’t help it! Hahahaha!

Went to ASO BIT CITY to check out some cool hobby stuff!

I love the feel of this building.

Surprised to see a VEGETA Cosplay costume! I wonder if PICCOLO has one as well?

And I am digging that Detective Conan costume!!! : )))

“Hug me” Daki Makura for ….. boys : )) Can I have a matsujun one??? LOLOLOLOL


Wow! I want a huge Gundam like this! This must be sooo expensive >_<

Reminds me of the first time I went to Diver City in Odaiba!

Mini Gundam kits! So cute!!!

I don’t watch Gundam but I love making my own Gundam robots haha..

My brother has interest with guns (not the real ones! hahaha)… so he always takes us to these stores.

Don’t be surprised if you see me dressed up in an army outfit holding a gun & having fun at shooting ranges, etc.! : ))

This made me @___________@

Imagine how much dedication you need to put or invest in creating something like this! And these are all DIY :O

As you can see, this building is for manly hobbies! Haha

I want my own shinkansen but it costs a lot!!

Build your own Japanese castle! Hahaha!! So surprised that there was such thing..

Mini cherry blossom trees or bonsai..

Toy capsules for Densha Mania / Tetsudo Mania people..

I see a rainbow train….

Mini Japanese people! How can you paint these so intricately??? :O


Anime okashi~

ONE PIECE supplements..??

hahaha cute!!

Maid cafe at night..

The original Akiba! It was getting late so the stores were closed already..

Found an expensive-looking anime-themed itasha cars!

Are those swarovski crystals embedded on the car..??

Another hobby stuff haven for boys: YELLOW SUBMARINE

My third older brother would love this place. MAGIC!

Other card collectibles..

If you are obsessed with figures, KOTOBUKIYA store will make you cry in tears.. haha!

Second-hand shop for games / dvd..

This photo describes so much about Akiba.

I forgot if this was the ear-cleaning place or just for massages..

Akiba is surely a heavenly place… for men! Haha!

Left: First time to see so many yoyo products in one place!

Right: Fans for fangirls! : ))

I want my own plain BEAR BRICK and I will paint rainbows on it @_@

Hello Kitty maido costume!! WANT!

While walking… we saw this GACHAPON paradise!

And I thought their vending machine offerings were unique : ))

Miso Ramen flavor, etc.

They even have an ODEN-flavored soup/drink??

Capsule paradise which is a good photoshoot spot for me. Hahaha!


Sushi, anyone?

Even this guy from the famous commercial has a GACHAPON!! SHOSHURIKIIIIIIII!!

Japanese schoolgirls

I guess this cafe is really popular..?

I wanna experience making fake plastic food such as these!

Takoyaki looks legit!

I love their uniform! Oversized bows <3

And the last two photos before my iPhone ran out of battery…

If you’re coming to Japan, Akihabara is a must-visit! It will take your breath away.. I’m sure of that!



10 thoughts on “Doumyouji & Makino’s First Date at Ebisu Garden Place + Akiba Night Tour + Gachapon Paradise

  1. Akiba is such a nice place. Awakes many memories of my holidays xD Recoginze some shops I was in ^^
    And you should visit the maiDreamin cafe, it´s so super cute *_*

  2. waaaaaaaaah o.o
    I’ve always wanted to visit that place 😀
    HATSUNE MIKU CAR!!! want want want and I also want those figurines.
    if only I’m rich, I could buy em all
    a gachapon. here in the philippines, gachapons costs 50php per token T^T
    plastic foods are making me drool :uwaa:
    otaku cards I want em also the hello kitty maid one 😀
    wow your sister in law has there niece now. goodluck tita :yay:
    your outfit is soooooooooooo colorful today. love it 😀

  3. Super cute photos!!!! :lulz:

    Wow!!! A niece??? Congratulations Kaila!!! :yay: :yay: :yay: (& Carlo & her wife of course!!! :heart: )

  4. WOOOOOOOOOOW *u* I love all your shopping travels hihi and I’m sure your niece would be so cute! :cute2:


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