Halloween Picnic in Shinjuku Koen

After my Harajuku sunday fix for Tokyo Fashion (check out my first set of contribution here!), my friends from Bunka and I met up at Shinjuku eki’s minami guchi (south exit). It was almost everyone’s first time to have a picnic with just okashi (snacks) and we’ve got only 1 hour or so to enjoy the beautiful park! I want to visit Yoyogi Koen (park) when the leaves turn orange! That would be a wonderful place to have a barbecue with my friends or with my brother.  :yay:


EDIT: My “debut” video = ))))

The feedback is overwhelming (been abusing this word for so long..)  😥


Same place where I made a feature for happy girl shouro~

The only surviving sakura-ish tree in the park in this season.

SO WIDEEEEEE I could spend the whole day rolling on the grass~

Minjung, Dawa, Sabrina, Shouro with Duffy, Lilly and Me. Thank you Chou-san for the photo ~

100 yen leg warmers~

My contribution, UMAIBOOOO!!!

Everyone’s doing their thing = ))




Ignore my fail nail polish

Shouro was bragging about her 200 yen shoes~


Unwinding for school. Duffy the disney bear being thrown in the air is a bit..



iPhone Snaps!

I enjoyed my noon here at Design Festa’s homebase! Someday I’ll have my own gallery here like some designers. : )

Totally a chill place with awesome interior / exterior design!


Bikes, graffiti, random pots and brick walls..


And before heading to Shinjuku, I saw this @_____@ PIECE OF ART!


Sorry for abruptly ending this but I hope you enjoyed this set of photos! ~


2 thoughts on “Halloween Picnic in Shinjuku Koen

  1. Can I just go to Japan now and splurge at Harajuku…. (Or Japan itself huhu)

    ATE YOUR VIDEOOO~ So awesome. :yay: So proud of you hihihihihi~ And I was amused with one photo in the Facebook album and people were commenting, questioning about your identity and all. XDD Haha!

    Oh and I looove your outfit :heart: And the awesome ~Japanese menu~ :))


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