Harajuku Fashion Walk #15 Photo Diary

Photo perspectives from a part TokyoFashion Contributor + part Harajuku Fashion Walk participant~ Hehehe   :star:

Enjoy!  :pink:

Video by yours truly ^^

View the whole article here. Photos by Kira-san 🙂

Street snaps of the event can be viewed here as well~ YAY!

Broken Doll’s Ken!



Minori looking like a heaven-sent tenshi / angel! Her personality is really sweet as she looks!  :yay:


Hope you enjoyed the photos as much as I enjoyed snapping from the background! ^^v


8 thoughts on “Harajuku Fashion Walk #15 Photo Diary

  1. Amazing photos…The one of the girl with the purple hair and shark backpack, not only do i want her backpack but that’s pretty much my dream hair!

  2. This post really made a bad day better! Who needs more reason to love Japan than this? So many unique and lovely people. :nod:
    Thanks for bringing this to us, Kaila! :heart:

  3. Amazing photos!! :yehey:

    Loving all the different socks, tights, and leggings :heart: :heart:

    The bags look awesome too 😀

    With love,

  4. Color attack!!! AAAAAA!!!! :hug: :yay:

    So many weird shoes, really weird shoes, I wonder where they get those :what:

    And Tokyo looks quite warm :yay: Wait for me Japan!!! :pink: :heart: :3star:


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