How To Enjoy Sanrio Puroland + Puro Halloween Party 2017 ?

Hi everybody!

Plans got cancelled this weekend so I’m having a super rare time to sit down and share some stories from a super kawaii day a few weeks ago. YAAY!

After quite some time, I finally got to visit Sanrio Puroland (with Aki) on a weekday! I’m just so glad that he loves Gudetama as much as I do so.. I wasn’t the only person who really enjoyed this amusement park, haha!

It was my 3rd time to visit Sanrio Puroland and everytime I go back, there would be something new!

I edited a vlog (with some notes towards the end) and hope you guys enjoy it ~

WATCH VIDEO: How To Enjoy SANRIO PUROLAND Tokyo | Gudetama Land + Puro Halloween Party ( サンリオピューロランド )

I accidentally deleted the journaling process video of this spread but I’m planning to do a kawaii demo one more time using Traveler’s Notebook instead~ ;_;

It was raining but thank God that Sanrio Puroland is an indoor amusement park!

From Shinjuku, it was around an hour (or less than an hour). We rode the KEIO Line.

Make sure to check Sanrio Puroland Website for the discount coupons!

Tama-Center, the city of Hello Kitty, is about 30 minutes by train from Shinjuku and roughly 60 minutes from Tokyo Station.

Sanrio Puroland

1-31 Ochiai, Tama, Tokyo

Tel. +81-42-339-1111

Access Hours depend on what day you are going to. Always check their calendar before going~

Didn’t want to wear / carry my heavy jacket around so we rented a small locker inside the amusement park. It was 200 JPY for the entire day.

Gudetama Land is a must-visit when you’re there! We didn’t have enough time to visit the other areas (Little Twin Stars / Hello Kitty) since Gudetama was our top priority that day..haha!

Pro tip: Delay your lunch for an hour & enjoy the Character Food Court more with less people!

As much as I love eating kawaii food, I’m not really adventurous when it comes to food with lots of food coloring. The Pompom Purin Curry and Gudetama ramen we ordered were really yummy! You guys should try!

I was shocked when I discovered that this place was renovated into a Sanrio Rainbow World Restaurant. Before, it was different! Nevertheless, I suggest dining here too! The place is HUGE and super instagrammable, haha!

Yummy matcha milk tea please!

Make sure to bring extra camera batteries! 😉 Lots of photo-taking will surely happen lol

From Cinnamoroll Dream Cafe ~

Being cheesy as a couple haha

When you have the chance, you guys should watch the Gudetama Movie Show! It was SOOO funny! It was in Japanese but I think it’s still enjoyable even if you can’t really understand.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time at Sanrio Puroland. If you’re planning to visit this for one day, you can do an entire morning – afternoon visit and then have dinner in Shinjuku. I think that you might have to allocate 10,000 JPY just for Sanrio Puroland if you want to shop a bit / try out their kawaii food offerings (inclusive of ticket price + transportation).

If you are looking for an online store from Japan that sells Kawaii Sanrio stationery items, you might want to look at Rainbowholic Shop? (lol shameless plug haha) ~ Many thanks to Kaye for helping me out with this one big time! 🙂

And.. that would be all for today’s post!

Have you been to Sanrio Puroland before? If yes, what kind of activity / area did you enjoy the most? If not yet, what are you looking forward to do (or which character do you want to meet) in Sanrio Puroland? 😉 Let me know below! ^^

Thanks for reading and have a happy Halloween!

<3, カイラ

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