Indie Shimokitazawa + Rainbow Kitchen + HARAJUKU KAWAii! + Rilakkuma PURIKURA!

If you have been following my blog for so long, you’ll probably remember how many times I’ve been planning to go to “Shimokitazawa” (popularly known as Shimokita). Actually, today was my second visit because the first time was when I accompanied a good friend from LA named Caro for an art exhibit!  :33:

From Shinjuku, ride the Odakyu Line (Rapid Express) to go to Shimokitazawa. In my opinion, Shimokitazawa has an indie vibe with all the random artsy / fashionable collectible shops around + unique cafes! It’s a great place to just wander around with your camera and 50mm lens.  :heart:

Shall I give you a tour now?

Rail tracks and the nostalgic feeling

Everything tribal, bohemian, colorful…


Piles of bikes (illegally) parked in every nook!

Was lucky to take a photo of a graduating girl!

Dresses like that are expensive to rent!

Reminds me of Nippori.

Lace, lace and more lace

Wore my current favorite floral overall : )

Dream bike.


Shocked the hell out of me! : ))

I need this for my room!

6 thoughts on “Indie Shimokitazawa + Rainbow Kitchen + HARAJUKU KAWAii! + Rilakkuma PURIKURA!

  1. It’s a very interesting post, especially shimokitazawa part!!! I like when you write about Tokyo streets and places.
    And purikura is love.

  2. I love places with tons of bikes! It’s so much better than too many cars.
    I see a couple of stores that are socks/leggings heaven, my favorite!


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