Japan Backpacking Day 4: Kyoto

After resting for a whole day in Okayama, we proceeded with our “backpacking” trip. Was supposed to go in Osaka but ended up in Kyoto instead! I was so happy I got to ride the bullet train (shinkansen) for the first time! It only took us around an hour or so from Okayama to Kyoto.

And when you thought this is an airport…

It’s Kyoto Station. A train station.

The architecture is..

.. beyond awesome.

I got guilty eating 2 donuts so I challenged myself to take the stairs instead..

My brother used to be an international exchange student in a university in Kyoto for a year.. he used to go here for free information.

This is what I like about train stations in Japan. They provide lockers (in small and big sizes) for your luggage!

That’s me and my HEAVY northface backpack.

When you’re riding an escalator in Japan, if you’re not in a hurry.. you should stay at the left side. Basic courtesy in Japan : )

We didn’t have any place to stay upon arriving… good thing we got to reserve rooms on the day itself!

Looking for Aoi So Inn..

Zen garden

Rested a bit and planned for our day

We decided to rent a bicycle. It’s way cheaper than taking buses and trains! And it’s exercise!

Free crane : )

I love Japan and bikes

Temples and shrines here and there

Wishes on a tree

1000 paper cranes

Kamon symbol

Photos are unedited for a change : )

Imagine how pretty these leaves would be when autumn comes!

Sakura tree, I must see you in spring!

Kyoto Imperial Palace

Kyoto Imperial Palace we missed : (


Imagine Samurai X happening here! Haha

Sunflowers on my ears : )


Hello there camera bag ^^

Cottoncandy blueeeeeeee!

I love how the Japanese preserved their culture : )

Leonardo di Caprio ate an icecream here ^^


Colorful Japanese candies

Hello Kitty everywhere

Beautiful, beautiful place

Kyoto from the top.

You can’t imagine how long we biked for this @_@

Bokeh <3

Turn these into orange!

I couldn’t choose what to buy : |

Vending machine!

Visited a kendo practice : )

Heian Jingu Shrine

And to think my brother’s photos aren’t included in this post… haha

Geisha houses!

These were built so that ninjas wouldn’t be able to eavesdrop and climb : )

Kyoto Downtown


Last stop for the night!

Kiyomizu Temple – last night light up parade (Daimonji Obon)

Kirei na raito : )

And a scary tree photo for the last one : )

That was quite a photospam,


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