Japan Backpacking Day 5: Kyoto

I don’t know how long we biked, I just remembered how my butt hurt so much from all the biking!

First stop was at Nijo Castle, after eating our quick breakfast in a convenient store nearby. My brother has more interesting photos than I have, so I will post that for my “conclusion” entry. Kyoto is such a beautiful city! It represents the totality of Japan, which is very modern and traditional (look how their culture is so preserved and well-taken care of)!

Nijo Castle

Bought this omiyage from the night before : ) So cute!

Fail distorted fisheye photo hehe.

The whole Nijo Castle @_@

Zen gardens

This was taken from another shrine. There are countless of tourist spots in Kyoto!

So pretty!

Lol = ))

Wanted to buy but I don’t have enough space here.. haha

Kokeshi umbrellas : )

Kinkakuji (Golden Pavilion)

If you’re traveling Kyoto, this should not be missed!

Interesting bag = )

Reminds me of my boyfriend who looks like a cat

Doll Masks


Geishas <3

Vending machine icecream!

Everything’s just convenient!

Rock Garden

Kyoto must be so beautiful in Autumn! Must revisit!

My flyer fell down so I stepped down, and everyone looked at me = ))))

Tired feet

Mini Rock Garden

I love these leaves!

Was suppoed to visit a famous movie production house (forgot what it was called) but we were too late : (

Live-action Japanese shows for kids!

One of the things that are listed in my “things I need to do before I die” is to lie down on a rail track..

Pretty oldskool train stations <3

Cute chubby kid playing around, haha


I did lie down.. but ugly picture is ugly so, here’s a spontaneous one = ))

Dirt on my butt I don’t mind

My brother will probably get mad at me posting this.. hehe


Then we biked and biked and biked… and found this “posh” place my brother was telling me.

Very traditional but he says that rich people live there : )

Matcha x Vanilla Icecream : )

And so we went back to the downtown.. and the purikura madness happened. My brother panicked at the buttons.. and the result, he looks like a “half man” in the purikura set : )))

Don’t judge = )) (look how many purikuras I took with Kuya in the background, haha!)

Hope that was fun,


2 thoughts on “Japan Backpacking Day 5: Kyoto

  1. Omg your omiyage is so kawaii~!! And the owl thingies they’re so cute wantttt ;w; And and aww purikura~~ YOU LOOK SO CUTE, ATE! :cute:


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